10 Best Twin Bed for Toddlers 2023- Step from Crib to Bed


Still can’t decide on the best twin bed for a toddler? This list will definitely help!

Cribs are small. And your baby has probably outgrown it by now! The next step forward is a twin bed that your kid can use for at least 3-5 years.

These beds are usually low to the ground and so transitioning from guardrails becomes a lot easier and safer.

Other than price, the design and color are also important when choosing such beds.

We got a mix of everything from sleek, classic to more toddler-friendly design-oriented beds.

What to Look for While Buying Twin Beds for Toddlers?

1. Theme and Design

The first thing that matters is the outlook of the toddler twin bed. After all, your child might have his own choice. Some beds come with a theme like superhero or car or airplane and stuff like that. If themed beds aren’t attracting your child, you can choose simple elegant looking beds like the Max & Lily or Sauder Parklane.

2. Extra Accommodation- Trundle Feature

These days more and more beds have this trundle feature. It’s a bed that slides in and out of the usual bed. It adds an extra accommodation without eating up your space. The best use of it as we can see is you can sit and read bedtime stories as your child is sleeping. In that way, he has the sense of ownership and knows that the bed belongs to him.

3. Headboard and Footboard

Not all twin beds come with both the headboard and the footboard. What matters is the bed should at least have a headboard even if it doesn’t have a footboard or side rails. This will keep your kid’s head protected if jumps back while sleeping. Some beds like the Delta Children Upholstered has foam padding on the headboard. This could be more friendly to your child’s head.

4. Construction Material and Paint

Solid wood is our first choice for toddler twin beds. Whatever, the material is made sure it’s made from natural materials. Some beds are also made of metal and there’s nothing wrong in them.Carefully read the user reviews and inspect the images to see if there are any sharp corners.

The finish should be low VOC material and check if the paint offgases. Offgassing isn’t a big issue as it can be eliminated leaving the bed in the open for a few days or a week. Avoid those beds that take more than a week and probably months to offgas. 

5. Consider Loft Bed for Extra Fun

The two loft beds we reviewed come with slides for extra fun. This could be a bit space-consuming. However, your child will absolutely love the thrill of getting out of the bed sliding. You can also use the area below the loft as a play area or for storing other stuff.

10 Best Twin Bed for Toddler 2023

1.Max & Lily Solid Wood Bed

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size Bed with Trundle Bed

Max & Lily is one of the best twin bed for toddler on our list. The NZ pine wood frame provides stability and it’s available with bunk bed versions as well.

The bed can support as high as 400 lbs, which is a lot higher than most products in this class. The addition of pine slats makes it usable with regular twin mattresses.

As a bonus, it has a twin size trundle that slides off easily using caster wheels. It’s not as sturdy as the bed itself but always helpful when you have a guest at home!

The bed is equipped with a headboard of 30†height along with a footboard. This adds to the stability of the unit. It’s fresh and doesn’t have any off gassing issues. Assembling can be a bit time consuming but it’s straightforward.

If you want your toddler’s room to look sleek and modern, this is the bed to get. Highly recommended!


  • Sturdy and can handle heavy weight.
  • Slats eliminate the need for a box spring mattress.
  • Easy to slide trundle for extra accommodation.
  • No bad odor or off gas.
  • Available in bunk versions.


  • The trundle is not that sturdy.



2.Sauder Parklane Twin Platform Bed

Sauder Parklane Twin Platform Bed with Headboard

The Sauder Parklane is another best twin beds for toddlers. Its modern cinnamon cherry finish can compliment any decor and support growing toddlers.

The bed has an integrated headboard for additional support from crashing into the wall. With 33†height, it’s quite low to the ground, so getting up and down for a toddler is easier and safer.

You can use any twin-size mattress with this unit and don’t require any box spring mattress at all. Overall, it can support up to 250 lbs, which is enough for kids at this age. Even after years of use, the bed will hold its shape and free from wobbling.

The manual’s instructions are clear and it wouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to assemble. Everything for assembling comes with the package, you might just need to use a ratchet screwdriver.

As a combo, the Coavas coffee table greatly compliments the design and look of this bed. The bed might have a few sharp corners, which you will need to cover for minimizing risks.Nevertheless, being a platform twin bed, it’s safer for toddlers as getting up and down will be a lot easier.


  • Easy to assemble and put up.
  • Sleek design blends into modern home decors.
  • Low to the ground for easy access.


  • Might have some sharp edges that needs fixing.



3.Delta Children Upholstered Twin Bed

Delta Children Upholstered Twin Bed DC Comics Justice League

If your child is a fan of comic characters and superheroes, the Delta Children bed is the best you can get. Its faux leather cover and cool 3D prints makes it standout! And the low profile design of the toddler twin bed will make it easier to get up and down as well.

The primary construction material is wood. But the upholstery transforms this bed into a child-friendly unit. Faux leather cover is easy to wipe and clean if it gets dirty.

This model can handle weight in excess of 300 lbs and even as a parent, you can sit or lay down with your kid with no risk of cracking or breaking.

The bed’s height stands at 33.4â€, which is low to the ground. You won’t have to worry about your kid getting up and down from it. The assembling part isn’t tough but it might require a few drillings to get it done!


  • Padding on foot and headboard makes it child-safe.
  • Faux leather upholstering is easy to clean.
  • Awesome character themes for children.
  • Sits low to the ground.


  • Might sometimes come with few missing screws.



4. Zinus Suzanne Twin  Bed

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Next on our list is Zinus Suzanne one of the best twin beds for a toddler! It has stylish design that looks appealing and its sturdy frame is meant to last for years.

The bed has a supporting trundle that can be pulled out with ease from both sides. It has locking wheels, so whoever sleeps on it will remain safe and stable. Both the bed and trundle will accommodate twin mattresses of either 5†or 6â€. A taller mattress can be a bit hard to fit in.

For increased stability, the manufacturer has used steel slats. It’s a lot stronger and durable than wooden slats. As such, it can hold weight between 250-300 lbs.

You can assemble the unit alone in under 1.5 hours with no complications. Every piece of the bed has clear labeling. Overall, it’s worth purchasing!!


  • Strong steel slats for good support.
  • Trundle for additional sleeping space.
  • Trundle can be accessed from either sides.
  • Effortless assembly.


  • The space between the trundle and the bed bottom isn’t quite high. So, use only the manufacturer’s recommended height of the mattress.



5.DHP Canopy Twin Bed

DHP Canopy Bed

DHP Canopy bed comes in a cute and light pink color theme and the option to add a canopy makes it the best twin bed for your toddler daughter. Just add some canopy sheets and it will enlighten your kid’s nursery.

The bed does have slats and that eliminates the need to use a box spring mattress. However, you can still use one if you like. It can handle weight up to 225 lbs and it’s sufficient for kids of this age.

The bed has raised sides, though not quite high, but good enough to act as an additional support. There are four high rails on each corner for using a canopy. Make sure your kid doesn’t jump on it as it’s not that sturdy.


  • Ability to attach a canopy makes it look gorgeous.
  • Doesn’t require a box spring mattress.
  • Sides are raised on the front and at the foot.


  • Poles for the canopy are not sturdy enough.



6. DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

Need a bed that can entertain your kids? DHP Junior is just perfect for that. It’s a loft bed equipped with a slide that will make your baby’s nursery moments memorable.

It has a metal construction with slats to hold standard twin mattresses. For additional security, there are slats. A 200 lbs weight limit is more than sufficient for toddlers at 4-8 year’s age. This toddler twin bed comes with rails and it will keep the kiddo protected if he moves during his sleep.

The space underneath the bed can provide more room to play and also to place an additional piece of furniture. It’s quite stable and poses no risk of tipping over.

The slide on this bed can be removed but that will leave an opening and it’s best to keep it that way. Due to the metal construction the slide is pretty fast and enjoyable to use.

Keep in mind, the bed or the slide might have few rough edges here and there. But that shouldn’t be much of an issue if you cover it up with a baby proofing material.


  • Designed with a slide for keeping toddlers entertained at home.
  • Ladder for easy climbing.
  • Sufficient space below the bed.
  • Stable build.


  • Might have some rough edges.



7.DHP Savannah Upholstered Platform Bed

DHP Savannah Upholstered Platform Bed

DHP Savannah is an upholstered toddler bed that comes in soothing smooth colors. The unit is quite stable and will keep your children safe.

The base of the bed has supportive slats and it enables air to pass inside the bed. On top of that won’t be needing a box spring mattress. Just a regular mattress will do.

For added support, it has legs and metal rail at the center. It can accomodate children up to 225 lbs. The footboard, heatboard and the side panels have foam covering to protect against bumps and clashes.

Installing this shouldn’t take you much time. Just make sure to off gas it for a few days as it can release some odor.


  • Safe and comfortable structure.
  • Slats allow air to pass.
  • Fits in regular size twin mattress.
  • Foam padding on different parts.


  • Need to off gas before use.



8.Donco Kids Twin Tent Loft Bed

Donco Kids Twin Tent Loft Bed with Slide

Here’s another best toddler twin bed-the Donco Kids. It’s also one of our favorites beds in this list. The reason is because of the design idea of adding a tent with a lofted bed. That’s pretty cool for any kid at this age.

The first thing you probably will notice is the slide. It’s not too large but enough for a few moments of fun. Although the bed has a metal construction, the slide is made out of wood-based material.

The package comes with a tent that you can set beneath the loft bed. To make the nights more charming, you can place a mattress and a stick-on light. Your kids will absolutely love staying in there.

Despite being a loft bed, it’s quite low to the ground. So that minimizes risks of falls. For getting up and down, it has a ladder.

The only issue you will likely face is the components are not properly labeled. So, it will take some time to figure it out.


  • Wax finish for protection against wear.
  • Mini slide for extra fun.
  • Tent included to put up inside the loft space.
  • Pine wood construction is durable and long lasting.


  • Little bit time consuming to set up.



9.Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler Bed to Twin Bed

Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler Bed to Twin Bed

What makes Step2 Corvette one of the best twin beds for toddlers is its versatility. You can use it both as a toddler bed for your future baby and now for your toddler kid.

The bed is tall enough to accomodate a twin mattress and also a toddler (crib)mattress. It has slats, so you won’t be needing a box spring mattress.

The car design and theme of the bed makes it stand out from the others. And if your toddler is a boy, he will love it. There are lights in front of the bed mimicking headlights. It can be used as a nightlight and for that you need to use four AA batteries.

This bed comes without any predrilled holes. So, you will need a drill to assemble and put it up.


  • Converts to both toddler (crib) mattress and twin size.
  • Box spring mattress not needed.
  • Equipped with lights for late night trips to the bathroom.


  • Needs drill to make the holes.



10.DHP Melita Linen Twin Bed

DHP Melita Linen Upholstered Platform Bed

DHP Melita is another upholstered toddler bed that looks classy and beautiful. The blue and pink colors make it an obvious choice for little girls.

The bed has a linen upholstery and it looks good though. Being linen, it’s also easy to spot clean.

For improved ventilation, it has slats. The slats are sturdy enough and eliminate the need for box spring mattresses. For additional support, the bed has 4 metal legs and a center metal rail.

For a single person, it can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to assemble the unit. Beware, there might be metal poking from the headboard. Fix them before your child takes over the bed.


  • Easy to spot clean linen upholstery.
  • Supportive legs and slats.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Might sometimes have poking metals on the headboard (needs fixing).



When is The Right Time To Move Your Child To A Twin Bed?

There is no right or wrong time to move a kid to a twin bed. But there are few signs that can you should consider:

1. The previous bed is No Longer Keeping Him In

If your kid can and does climb out of the crib even when the mattress is at the lowest position, it’s time to leave the crib and get a new toddler twin bed. The guardrails that used to protect him will now become dangerous as he can fall from the top by slipping.

2. Your Kid Feels Ashamed of His Baby Bed

Some kids are too verbal about their disappointment in their baby bed. That makes it easy for a parent to make a decision. However, some kids won’t tell you and you need to find out from their gesture or body language whether they are pissed off or ashamed of their bed. 

3. When Potty Training Become Necessary

Potty training can become way more difficult if the child is still sleeping in a crib. Considering it’s an important element to your kid’s lifestyle, you should buy a new toddler bed. Without the guardrails, the frequent trips to the bathroom will become easier and your child will have less excuse to miss that.

4. He’s Outgrown the Crib

Even if your child doesn’t crawl or climb out of the crib, he might not fit the dimensions of the crib now. Monitor closely and there should be enough gap between the ends of the crib and his legs and head. If otherwise, then you know it’s time to move on.

5. New Baby Coming and a New Toddler Bed Is Obvious

If you are expecting a baby, then you know it’s not worth it to buy a new crib. Instead, get the older one to sleep in a twin bed and the new one in the crib. 


How To Make The Transition To A Twin Bed

Follow these tips if you don’t know the right way to transition to a new twin bed:

1. Make Sure He’s grown up enough

Don’t upgrade to a twin bed, unless you are sure that your kid has outgrown the crib. Twin beds often don’t have any guardrails and it can become quite risky.

Read the signs from the previous section and make the final decision. Once you make the move, you cannot shift him back to the crib. It will make him stressed out.

2. Avoid Eventful Weeks

If you had an eventful week whether you changed your home location, or a new baby came at home, postpone the bed change a few days or a week. Also make sure to let your kid know in advance what is to come and prepare him for that.

3. Involve Your Child in Buying the New Twin Bed

Don’t force your decision on your kid. You know you know it better and probably have chosen the best for him. However, if you let your kiddo have a say in what color the bed should be or the design, then there’s a good chance he will be more interested in switching. The best thing you can do is throw a party for the new toddler bed and see how that leaves a sweet impact on your kid.

4. Establish Good Bedtime Habits and Be Patient

Often when kids are transferred from the crib to a new bed, they will come out of the bed at an unexpected time of the night. That’s okay. Give him some time to get used to it and take him back to his bed.

Establish some bedtime rules or a routine. You can start the routine 1 hour before bedtime involving things like playing, shower, storytelling and finally sleeping. Once he gets used to the routine, he will also get used to the bed in the meantime.


Conclusion and Editor’s Choice

For our Editor’s Choice, we stand by Max & Lily as it’s the best twin bed of toddlers! Its sturdy framework & clean and sleek design makes it stand out from other models.

It has an extra bed space in the form of the trundle and the low height is perfect for any toddler to get up and down safely. The best thing is it has a lot of options. If you have more kids you can go for one of its twin or full bunk bed versions.

Let us know what bed you liked most and share it with your family members too!


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