Best Tricycle for 2-Year-Old Kids 2020 (Perfect for first-timers)


Tired of looking for the best tricycles for 2 year old kids?

We’ve got just the right kind of trikes for you.

At 2 years of age, a child hasn’t yet developed the balance and coordination needed to ride a bike. A tricycle will help to build the foundation skills to transition to independent riding later on in life.

We compared more than 30 tricycles and analyzed which one will suit your kids the best. It turns out the models that have stable wheels and good steering systems work better. Some of them even have parental push handles to control the riding before your child can take over.

If you want something simple and effective, go for the Radio Flyer Trike. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles like some of the other trikes but it does the job! And.. toddlers will find it easy to reach the pedals.

For more details, keep on reading!

5 Best Tricycle For 2 Year Old 2020

1.Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

We think the Radio Flyer is the best trike overall for first time toddlers! The design is simple, functional and certainly will fit your budget. It’s the perfect tricycle for kids to learn basic riding concepts with no complications!

Most 2 year olds will find it easy to reach the pedals, at least touch them. If your child isn’t big enough to reach the pedals, you can always support him using the hand grip on the back of the seat.

The entire construction is plastic including the wheels. Despite that it’s quite sturdy and good to last a couple of years. The adjustable seat that goes back and forth with a little bit of rise is enough to support kids up to 5 years of age.

Toddlers love carrying their favorite toys with them. With a Radio Flyer, there’s a covered trunk at the back that your child can use to transport his things while riding.

While all things good, the splash guard on the front tire might sometimes get loose and slip sideways. Just make sure to fix it from time to time.


  • Simple and uncomplicated design is great for young toddlers.
  • Seat is adjustable to grow with your kids to some extent.
  • Transport easily with the handgrip on the seat back.
  • Covered bin at the back is great for storing toys.


  • The front-wheel splash guard might loosen up with time and slide sideways.



2.Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle

Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle

If you are looking for the best tricycle for your 2 year old, then you simply can’t ignore Schwinn! It’s almost a household name in the states making new memories for kids and parents for years. This particular trike has a push handle bar to control the proceedings as your kid slowly gains skills.

It’s equipped with rubber tires that have better capacity to absorb shock. You won’t have to worry about tipping over as the wheel base is wider and more supportive. On top of that, there are straps to keep the toddler in place securely.

Even if your kid isn’t big enough to reach the pedals, he can comfortably put his feet on the footrests. The size of the trike will support kids up to years old and the addition of brakes makes it better. For those who are looking to get full value for their money, this is it.

We loved the push handle as it is easy to operate. You can control the direction and speed of the trike standing comfortably. Initially, it can be a bit annoying as the handle needs to be kept near 15-20 degrees to keep the tires straight. With time, you should get a hold of it.


  • Baskets on both rear and front sides for carrying toys.
  • Footrests supports kids until they can reach the pedals.
  • Rubber tires with wider wheel base provides stability.
  • Comes with push handle to gain control of the trike.


  • Will need some time to get used to the positioning of the push handle to operate the wheels.



3.XJD 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles

XJD 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles

Meet the trike with the smartest design, the XJD 3 in 1. It converts easily from a three wheelers tricycle to a two wheeler bike and there’s hardly any model that can achieve this feat.

Installing the trike merely takes a few minutes! The best part is you can adjust the handlebar angle and the height of the seat as well. Seat height can be adjusted between 11.8-14.2-in. Needless to say, this trike will grow with your baby and offer at least a couple of year’s service.

If your kid can’t reach the pedals yet, you can take them off and keep them within the trike in a designated place. That’s cool. And when he grows a bit, fold the back tires to make it into a two-wheel bike. Awesome!

It’s crafted out of carbon steel to add durability. Riding is made comfortable with soft handle grips and seats. The wheels are completely enclosed and there’s no chance of your kid’s feet sticking inside.

The only thing that could have been different was the height of the handlebar. It’s a little low and doesn’t correspond well when the seat is raised. 


  • Convertible to a two-wheeled bike for learning the basics early on.
  • Adjustable functions on handlebar and seat.
  • Store the pedals inside the bike when you don’t need them.
  • Durable carbon steel construction lasts longer.


  • The height of the handlebar is slightly lower compared to the seat height.



4.Tricam GCK-31 Kids Tractor Tricycle

Tricam GCK-31 Kids Tractor Tricycle

So your kid won’t settle with less? How about a tractor within a tricycle? The Tricam trike will make your kid happy and something different to cherish all his life.

In terms of stability and durability, this is probably the best tricycle for 2 year old kids. It’s literally a beast. Most parents have praised the heavy build quality as kids have no chance of tipping over with it. Only a few have observed the hard work their kids had to do to pedal the thing forward.

The seat has adjustable positions that will support the kid as they grow bigger in size. This will even help him to maneuver the trike better.

If you are buying this, you should know there’s a learning curve to learn using the steering as it’s not like regular handlebars. It comes with a few stickers that you can use to customize the look of the bike. All in all, there’s nothing much to complain other than the heavy weight of the trike.


  • Steel constructions makes it extremely stable and durable.
  • Adjustable seat positions is suitable for growing kids.
  • Rubber tires gives it ability to ride off-road.


  • It might take some time for your kid to adjust to the weight and steering function.



5.Schwinn Roadster Kids Tricycle

Schwinn Roadster Kids Tricycle

Here’s a tricycle with a retro look, the Schwinn Roadster! Perfectly designed for toddlers who are yet to learn the basics. The stylish and classic design is what makes it so irresistible.

The bike seat can move forward or backward in 5 different settings. As your kid grows, you can move it a bit forward to make space for the bigger legs. On the back of the trike, there’s a wooden seat that can accommodate another kid who wants to share a ride.

Most toddlers were excited by the bell and fabric tassels that gave the bike a unique look. Don’t hold the kid back if he wants to ride on gravel or dirt as it is equipped with real bike tires!

As this model has a heavy build quality, it can be a bit tough at the beginning to move the pedal. But certainly, it will help build more muscles to make your baby stronger.


  • Real bike wheels are great to ride on various surfaces.
  • Adjustable seat positions can fit your growing kid.
  • Extra real wood frame at the back to carry an extra child.
  • Attractive design elements to keep the baby interested.


  • Can be a bit hard to pedal at the beginning because of the heavy build quality.



Final Words

Most tricycles have similar features with some differences. We tried to find the best tricycles for 2-year-old kids that have a couple of unique features that will make riding easier and safer. Within these 5 models, we are sure there is one that will meet your needs.

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