Best Retractable Lightsabers- (2023 Updated Guide)

A Star Wars fan isn’t a real fan until he has for himself a lightsaber!

A lightsaber is an important weapon in the Star Wars mythology that follows the clash between the Jedi and the Sith. Originally, this weapon is made out of a plasma blade powered by a Kyber Crystal.


To get something close to the original, we compiled a list of the best retractable lightsabers. They are mainly made out of plastic and can collapse into the handle (more commonly known as hilt).

For more fun and play, you can opt for a lightsaber that can light up and have sound effects. Or, you can go for a basic lightsaber with no lights and sounds for duels.

Check these out!

10 Best Retractable Lightsaber 2023 Review

1.Liberty Imports Expandable Light Up Sabers

Liberty Imports Expandable Light Up Sabers

Prepare to train your own Jedi warriors with 12 lightsabers. With dramatic sound and lighting effects, kids will absolutely love playing with them. Whether it’s a cosplay part or birthday party, no one is getting out without being entertained.

These are some of the best retractable lightsabers you are gonna get and the price also makes them pretty much a straightforward purchase. Considering, kids are bound to break them at some point, these lightsabers won’t break your bank.

They come in blue, red and green colors. So, whether your kids play the role of the Jedi or the Sith, everyone will get what they want. The blades make clashing sound effects along with light effects when they strike against anything or just move through the air.

Keep in mind these lightsabers aren’t 100% retractable and expand from 18-33 inches in length. There’s a bit of the blade hanging out of the hilt. The blade will pop out of the hilt if you keep it facing downwards. So, that’s something you need to teach your kids and it’s not a design flaw, period.

As for sturdiness, they will break with moderate blows. However, the cool thing is you are getting a ton of them for a really good price.


  • Change LED light effects with the press of a button.
  • Sound effects and light effects on impact really gives them a realistic feel.
  • 12 blades in one package at a great price is a lucrative offer.
  • Retractable from 18-33 inches.


  • Doesn’t completely retract into the hilt and is common with lightsabers that come with light and sound effects.



2.Star Wars Extendable Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

This green lightsaber which is also known as the second lightsaber of Skywalker is something that your kids will love to own. It’s a fully retractable lightsaber that can collapse into the hilt. It’s a pretty basic lightsaber without lights or effects, but good enough for battles.

This skywalker lightsaber is part of the blade builders series. It has a second hole on the other side which you can use to connect another compatible lightsaber. The lightsaber doesn’t have any buttons or fancy effects and with a swing of the hilt, the blade will pop up.

What makes this the best extendable lightsaber is its durable built quality which allows your kids to battle with it. It’s a lot stronger than the ones with light and sound effects. So, you can expect it to last longer.

The saber’s hilt is almost close to an adult-sized saber. However, the blade is on the shorter side. But shouldn’t stop you from purchasing it.


  • Collapses into the handle and makes a more compact lightsaber.
  • Can connect other compatible lightsabers.
  • Stronger build quality as the blade is thicker & harder.
  • No battery needed to operate this.


  • The hilt size is a bit large compared to the size of the blade. So, it looks kind of weird, but doesn’t impact the functionality of the lightsaber.



3.TOY Life Light Up Saber

 TOY Life Light Up Saber

Make a Darth Saber with the Toy Life red and blue dual lightsaber. You have the option to connect both the sabers and make them a single staff to battle your enemies fearlessly. Kids who love to attend cosplay parties should get one.

The lightsaber has bright LED lights that glow in the dark. It has a few settings that can help you to make the saber change color and make sounds when it hits anything. Or, you can also turn off the sound. The flickering multicolor light settings can be fun too to play in the dark.

This is not a true collapsible lightsaber as the collapsed length is still 12-in. When you expand the saber, it will become almost 2.5-ft in length. However, that’s not a big deal as most kids will love the light and sound effects more than anything else.


  • Great sound and light effects to make battles realistic.
  • The lightsabers can be connected together to make a big staff.
  • Sound can be turned off to play silently at night.


  • There’s no option to stop the saber from changing colors.



4.Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) Extendable Lightsaber

Prepare to unleash the power of the Force with the Last Jedi Rey lightsaber. It’s a part of the blade builder’s series and will be compatible with other similar lightsabers. The lightsaber is pretty basic in terms of functionalities, but can still give your kid something joyful to play with.

The saber becomes 30.25-in when fully extended and collapses to 19.75-in. So, it’s not 100% collapsible, but that is still acceptable. The quality of the blade isn’t the best. However, the price won’t bother you and you can buy a few of these to make the battles more enjoyable.

This lightsaber won’t light up or make sounds at all. It will work with any star wars cosplay dress and with the help of a strap and clip, your child can carry it around the hip.


  • Customizable with other compatible lightsabers.
  • Extend the blade easily with a flick of the wrist.
  • It can collapse to a small size and is acceptable compared to the others.
  • Can be carried around the hip using a strap and clip to the hilt.


  • The build quality isn’t top-notch and can break with impact.



5.Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber

 Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber

The Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber is a bit uncommon and will get your little one to stand out from others when attending a cosplay party. It’s quite sturdy despite the fact it lights up and so we think it’s one of the best lightsabers you could buy.

This lightsaber comes with a lightdagger that you can attach to the opposite part of the hilt or you can wield it separately. You can also attach other bladebuilder items to this to create custom lightsabers.

One of the cool things of the saber is the star wars theme that plays when you touch the hilt. Though it’s pretty fun at the beginning, the touch activation can become a bit annoying. A simple button for this functionality would have been a lot better.

The lightsaber flickers upon impact and makes sound effects. But you will need to spend a few bucks extra on the batteries as the one that come with the lightsaber aren’t of the best quality.


  • Easy to extend with a flick of the wrist.
  • Extra lightdagger included that can be attached the hilt or used solo.
  • Compatible with other bladebuilder stuff for customized look.
  • Accurate motion sensors flickers and makes noises upon impact.


  • The theme songs get activated frequently with touch and can become a little annoying.



6.Star Wars Lead Villain Extendable Lightsaber

Star Wars Lead Villain Extendable Lightsaber

Gain limitless power and unleash the force within using the Kylo Ren lightsaber. This is a high-quality Extendable – lightsaber that won’t break easily with impact and so your kid can play and battle with it.

The blade will come out with a flick of the wrists. But unlike other lightsabers, it takes a bit of extra force to expand the blade. In a way, this feels more genuine and will prevent the blade from popping out even if you are not intending to use it.

The lightsaber doesn’t have any light or sound effects. It has the perfect size for a 10 year old and not intended for adults use. Considering the overall price, your kids can use it for battles as a few broken lightsabers won’t be a too great loss.

This particular lightsaber is not part of the blade builder’s set and so you can’t attach other lightsabers with it. However, it does a great job as a retractable lightsaber and can give you a good value for the money.


  • Fully extends up to 34.3 cm.
  • Can handle battles and impact considerably.
  • Takes a bit of force to pop up the blade which makes it feel more genuine.
  • Appropriate size for kids around 10 years old.


  • Doesn’t make noises or lights up, so it’s not really fun for Halloween or cosplay events.



7.Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars Revenge of The Sith Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber

If your kid is a big fan of Mace Windu-the great Jedi general, this purple lightsaber should become his favorite. The design is inspired by the Revenge of the Sith and is pretty much accurate to what is depicted in the movie.

The lightsaber does collapse into the hilt. However, there’s still a part of the blade that remains outside. Not a big deal considering the price and the fact that it’s intended for kids.

It can be customized with other blade builder items. This could be really helpful as it will help your kid’s lightsaber stand out from his friends. This saber glows and makes noises when it hits something. The halloween parties will definitely light up!


  • Has a realistic design that matches to that of the movie lightsaber.
  • Glows up and also makes crashing sound on impact.
  • Customizable with blade builders and can be turned into a double blade.


  • The blade keeps popping up if you hold it downwards.



8.FlashingBlinky LightsSaber

 FlashingBlinkyLights Blue LED Expandable Light Up Saber

Here’s another kid’s lightsaber that can increase the fun. This expandable lightsaber can extend up to 35.5†and looks great with its shining blue LED.

In terms of functionalities, it has 3 LED lights settings. It can either flash, blink or remain steady. The light is bright enough to light the room in the dark and looks amazing when children play with them.

Your child is just a step away from becoming a Jedi warrior and awakening the force within. Keep in mind, this isn’t a true collapsible lightsaber and some part of the blade does stay out of the hilt.


  • The blade extends quite long and looks amazing when playing with it.
  • Easy to press button to change settings.
  • The LED light can flash, blink or kept steady.


  • Doesn’t collapse completely into the hilt.



9.Rubies Jedi Knight Lightsaber

The green lightsaber which is also known as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber is straight out of the star wars movies. 

This lightsaber is not intended for battle or rough play. So, it’s more like an accessory for the halloween dress or any other cosplay dress. The good thing is it  can light up, but it doesn’t really make those noises that we can see on other lightsabers.

As far as the design goes, the lightsaber is a bit fat and much rounded in shape compared to others in the market. So, your little ones will take some time to get used to gripping these.

There’s a plastic piece that slides over the blade to keep it from popping out. It might look like a design flaw. However, considering the fact that your kid can carry it in whichever way they like without the blade coming out everytime, this is a better design. So, the user has total control over the blade.


  • Plastic ring keeps the blade from popping out and offers more control.
  • Collapses almost completely into the hilt to make a super compact lightsaber.
  • Lights up without any additional distracting effects.


  • Can’t withstand rough play or harsh impact as the blade portion is thinner.
  • Doesn’t have any sound effects.



10.Star Wars: A New Hope Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber

 Star Wars: A New Hope Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber

A sith lightsaber can be an ultimate weapon for destruction and control. The Star Wars: A New Hope movie inspired lightsaber is pretty accurate to what Darth Vader used in the movie. The red color represents the dark force and hopefully your child will win every battle.

This is part of the blade builder’s series. So, you can hook up other compatible lightsabers and give it a custom appearance. The saber has a detailed outlook and the construction also seems a lot sturdy.

Like some of the other models, this one also has light and sound effects. The sound effects aren’t super accurate as they can go off even when you don’t move the blade. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying it.


  • Accurate design and appearance from the movie.
  • Can be customized with compatible lightsabers.
  • Sturdy construction and can take some beating.


  • The sound effects aren’t accurate and will go off now and then.



What to Look for When Buying Retractable Lightsabers?

The thirst for Star Wars seems to never die. A retractable lightsaber can provide a realistic feel from that of the movies. There are tons of them in the market. Some are intended for kids and others for adults to love to collect them.For kids, the price is a deciding factor. So, we compiled lightsabers that are affordable and fit a 10-12-year-old’s hands. There are few factors that you should consider:

1. Retractable capability

Although we are reviewing retractable lightsabers which are lightsabers that collapse into the handle, it’s tough to find models that fully collapse. So, you need to think a bit practically here.

In most cases, a part of the blade will still hang out. But that’s okay and that doesn’t make it look ugly. Only a few of them can retract completely like the Star Wars Return of the Jedi lightsaber at No.2.

2. Construction material

Plastic lightsabers are the most popular among kids who love to play with them or carry them to a cosplay party. You might find metal lightsabers but those are at the higher end of the price spectrum. Considering the fact that a lightsaber won’t last indefinitely, your best best is a plastic lightsaber. So, whenever a lightsaber breaks and they will, it won’t make you angry.

3. Sound & light effects

We have reviewed quite a few electronic retractable lightsabers that will light up and make noises. There are some variations in them. Some lightsabers will only light up and others will light up and make noises upon impact and even change light colors. So, it totally depends how your kid likes it. There are others that don’t light up at all and the blade is just tinted with a specific color.

4. Built for duel or to use as accessory

Here’s the thing. If you choose a lightsaber that can light up or make noises, it won’t be able to take a beating too long. So, these sabers are intended to be used only as an accessory to complement cosplay dresses.

However, if you leave the electronic capabilities, you will find a basic lightsaber that can hold up to harsh dueling pretty much. Though it will break at some point or with excessive force, it still does a great job. These lightsabers will retract more into the hilt and will remain more compact.

5. Customizable option

As you can see, there are some lightsabers in the list that are part of the blade builder system. These lightsabers can be customized with other tools and compatible lightsabers to change the outlook. You can even make a double-bladed lightsaber with such models. In our opinion, these lightsabers give the most bang for the buck if the intended purpose is not dueling.

Final Words

So, what do you think is the best retractable lightsaber on this list? For most kids, we would recommend the 12 pack LED lightsabers at the top of the list. The reason is you get a handful of them at a considerable price. Your kids and their friends together can duel with them and breaking them won’t hurt you. You can also look at some of the others in this list with more fun and unique features. 

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