Best RC Car Tracks 2021-(Reviews & Buying Guide)

Children get bored of things faster than the speed of sound, at least mine does. There are very few things they can never get enough of and RC car racing is one of them. 

This indoor RC track set will guarantee hours of pure entertainment and thrill. It’s hard to settle for a model that fits the bill because these RC car tracks vary greatly in terms of price and abilities.


From simple, no-brainer set-ups to complex tracks with dazzling light effects, bending and flexing abilities, progressively increasing challenges – there’s a perfect option for everyone. 

Expandable RC car track sets are my personal favorite because of their lasting value.

To help you pick the perfect remote control racing car with track, I’m going to introduce you to 10 best RC car tracks that are packed with some seriously cool features. 

My in-depth reviews will highlight both the great and not-so-great aspects of these tracks to help you make an educated decision. 

Top 10 Best Remote Control Car Track 2021

1.Tracer Racers Car Track

Tracer Racers Remote Control Track Set

The first entry on this list of the best RC car tracks uses top-notch light tracer technology to create light streaks on the tracks. The glow-in-the-dark feature works just as well as it sounds on paper. 

Although it may appear to be too high-tech for kids, my 5-year-old nephew and his classmates had a blast racing on it. They needed my help for the assembly, though. It wasn’t really that difficult for me since I have assembled indoor car tracks before. 

But if you are a first-timer, this could take you a while. There is more than one way to set it up, so you can get really creative with it. The cars go stupendously fast and don’t fly off the track even at peak speed – the mark of a truly high-quality RC car track

The cars come with high-quality lithium polymer batteries which take about 20 minutes to fully charge and offer about 40 minutes of runtime at moderate speed and 20 minutes at high speed. To charge the cars, you will need to connect them to the controllers which use 4 AA batteries. 

I don’t even remember when was the last time I changed the batteries. They seem to last forever. If you wish to kick things up a notch, you can always buy more track pieces to extend the track and add more cars. 


  • Glow in the dark feature. 
  • Car light streaks effect. 
  • Lets you add more pieces to make a larger track. 
  • The car batteries charge very quickly and the battery on the controller lasts forever. 
  • The cars stay on the track. 


  • Most kids won’t likely be able to put the track together without some help. 



2.Ontel Magic Tracks

Ontel Magic Tracks

This 16 ft long glow-in-the-dark race track can be combined with multiple sets of magic tracks to kick things up a notch. The standalone track has a decent build, it bends and flexes in different ways, allowing the kids to get super creative with the patterns. 

I have seen 5-year-olds putting the pieces together with very little help. If you find the setup too consuming, you can just leave it set up and move on with your life. The lighted track looks incredible in a dimly lit room and is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours. 

This set includes two cars and two remote controls. Each car requires 3 AAA batteries and the remotes require 2 AAA batteries. Make sure you have the batteries on hand because they aren’t included. 

I figure a lot of users have had difficulty pairing the remote with the cars but it’s not that tricky. All you have to do is turn off the cars, hold the green and blue buttons on the remote control for 6 seconds or until it starts flashing. Then turn on the cars and they should start flashing blue and red. Voila! 

The cars are paired with the remote control! The cars have a good speed but they do tend to jump off the track from time to time. Replacement cars specially made for this track are easily available but in my experience, Hot Wheels cars work just fine with it too. 

The remote control not only lets you steer the car but also turn on/off the lights and sound, reverse, forward, stop, activate turbo mode, and honk the horn. I have to say, the sound effects of the cars are spot-on! 


  • Bends and flexes easily, lets you build different patterns. 
  • Great light and sound effects. 
  • The remote control has a plethora of settings. 
  • Can be combined with other magic sets to build a larger RC car race track.
  • Compatible with Hot Wheels cars. 


  • Batteries are not included. 
  • Takes a while to figure out the pairing process. 





The next entry on my roundup of the best RC car tracks is a feast for the eyes and imaginative minds. The box is huge and includes tons of pieces, which obviously means it will take a while to assemble. I believe it’s a part of the fun. 

It comes with lots of extra support pieces which result in a sturdy structure and I’m all for it. You shouldn’t have any problem moving the assembled track from one room to another without the risk of breaking anything. 

Thanks to flexible pieces, the kids can go absolutely crazy with the patterns, which is a fun way to fuel a kid’s imagination and gain developmental benefits. 

The box comes with straightforward instructions on how to assemble the whole thing. Don’t let the images fool you. It doesn’t take tons of space. 

I loved the fact that the track is magnetic and the rails have metal rods guarding the edges, therefore, the cars aren’t constantly falling off the track. Each car takes about 30 minutes to fully charge and gives 15-25 minutes of playtime, depending on the speed. 

The cars have a pretty impressive horsepower when fully charged. Navigating the cars on these rails is the right amount of both fun and challenging, making it a great gift for kids of all ages. 

One of the biggest standouts of this track set is the remote control. You will have to crank it to move the car which is way more interesting than just holding down buttons. Yes, you can expand the set with more tracks and cars, thanks to the multiple connection points on the rails. 


  • The magnetic suspension system keeps the cars stable on the tracks. 
  • The cars have impressive speed. 
  • You need to crank the remote control instead of just holding down a button.
  • Comes with extra support pieces to strengthen the structure. 
  • Space-saving design, easy to move around. 


  • The car batteries don’t last very long.
  • The cars tend to get stuck on the track if there’s any dirt or dust on the tires. 



4.Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System

 Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System

It’s no news that Hot Wheels make some of the most high-quality RC track cars you can find. Pair it up with their Ai Intelligent Race System and you’re gold! It’s not a huge track when fully assembled, making it a space-efficient choice for small apartments and playrooms. 

That said, assembling the track properly takes some serious patience and time. Most kids below 10 are less likely to be able to assemble it without adult assistance. Thankfully, there’s a Freeplay mode that lets you race the car on the floor with the remote control.

The AI-driven smart cars are thoughtfully engineered to match different skill levels. It has three-speed settings in the Practice Mode, the lowest setting being ideal for 3-4-year-olds. 

In this mode, irrespective of the speed setting, the cars stayed on track pretty much the whole time. 

If you find the AI not responding the way it should, instead of worrying, re-calibrate the track. To do so, turn off both the cars and the remote. Press and hold down the tiny round button on the upper left side of the controller and then turn on the cars to enter the Calibration Mode. 

It also has the much sought-after Championship mode for intense, adrenaline-pumping race battles with friends. Certain races in the Championship mode also require the users to stop at a pit station to refuel and remove hazards like blown tires, oil spills, and missing gear. 

The incredible speed of the cars in the Advanced level makes it pretty challenging to control the cars without flying off the track and that’s kind of the point. 

Each car requires 3 AAA batteries and remote controllers need 3 AA batteries, which aren’t included. I also loved the fact that you can race the cars both on and off the track manually. 


  • The track can be reconfigured in several ways. 
  • Different speed levels and race modes for racers of every skill level. 
  • Freeplay mode lets you race the cars on the floor. 
  • You can also ditch the remote and go for manual racing in Track Mode. 
  • The cars stay on the track when calibrated properly. 


  • Time-consuming assembly. 


5.Cusocue Slot Car Track Set

Cusocue Slot Car Track Set

The remote control track cars in this set have cool built-in LED lights and two high-speed cars. The track is super flexible, allowing you to reconfigure the course in different ways to adjust the difficulty level. 

If you want a longer race track, simply connect more tracks to it and knock yourself out. What’s even better is that you can use any slot car on the track, if you want to race multiple cars side by side. 

Neither the track nor the cars are as technically sound as some of the track sets listed here. If you are looking for something affordable and can do without advanced features, this would be a decent choice for you. 

Assembling the track is practically effortless but changing the layout isn’t a cakewalk and takes some getting used to. At moderate speeds, the cars stay on the track but if you choose to crank up the pace, you will find the cars flying off frequently. 

This shouldn’t be a huge dealbreaker if you are buying this for a kid who would just be toying around with it. The good thing is that the cars don’t require any batteries. Plug them to the wall outlet, recharge, play, and forget – as simple as that. 


  • The cars come with rechargeable batteries. 
  • Simple, no-fuss assembly. 
  • Allows you to change course layouts. 
  • The track is compatible all standard slot cars. 
  • Can be expanded with additional tracks. 


  • Not the most technically or structurally sound track on this list. 
  • At top speed, the cars keep flying off the track. 





RC cars with tracks are a great way to spark imagination and improve the focus of a child. This 50-pc Zoom Tubes track, by the looks of it, is specifically designed for this purpose. Instead of traditional track pieces, the rails are formed by connecting 12 curved tubes, 26 connectors, 7 regular speed tubes,2 straight tubes, 2 criss-cross crash connectors and a special speed tube with a door. When fully assembled, the track is about 24 ft long which is ample space for thrilling slot car racing. The kids can whip up infinite track configurations and enjoy hours of slot car racing with friends. 

The quality and durability of both the tubes and the cars are top-notch. The tubes are made of hard plastic and you can count on it to hold up for years. It’s also one of the easiest to assemble RC car tracks I have ever come across. The endless track combinations keep the interest alive and terrific speed of the cars add to the fun. 

Moreover, the cars have rechargeable batteries, so there is no need to make frequent trips to the store for external batteries. The batteries last a whopping 3 hours on a single charge which takes about 40 min. As far as battery capacity is concerned, Zoom cars are hands down the best on this list. 

To build a larger track containing, you can purchase additional zoom tracks at reasonable prices. On the downside, you can use only Zoom Tubes compatible cars with this set. Also, you need to make sure that the tubes are tightly connected, or else the cars would get stuck. 


  • Highly durable tubes. 
  • Allows for infinite track reconfigurations. 
  • Can be assembled and disassembled in a jiffy. 
  • Dazzling light effects.
  • Rechargeable car batteries. 


  • Not the most challenging slot car racing car around. 


7.Max Traxxx R/C Track Set

Max Traxxx R/C Track Set

My search for the best indoor RC track led me to Max Traxxx R/C and it’s safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Its glow-in-the-dark feature is just as cool in reality as it sounds on paper. 

Blazing fast cars leaving green steaks on the track as they pass around will always make me go “whoa!”, no matter how old I get. The cars don’t require any batteries. You have to connect it to the remote controller which doubles up as a charger for the cars. 

For the remote, you will need 4 AA batteries which seem to last forever. In my experience, the cars take only about 15 minutes to fully charge which lasts for about 20 minutes. The cars have amazing speed when you run them at full throttle. 

Moreover, you can adjust the track height to custom-create difficulty levels. If your kid is new to RC car racing, I’d suggest them starting with the lowest speed and gradually work their way up. 

Expect the kids to get hooked to this real quick and spend hours playing with it. If you wish to level up by racing 3-4 cars side by side, all you have to do is buy additional tracks and two additional cars for channel C and D. The current set includes only two cars for channel A and B. 

On the downside, pet hair or carpet fibers can easily jam the axle, causing the cars to slow down. Also, make sure to all the pieces are tightly connected certain parts may have loose pieces. If they remain loose, the cars might get stuck on the track. 


  • Flexible track, can be bent into a loop. 
  • Adjustable track height. 
  • The cars don’t require an external battery as the remote control acts as a charging station. 
  • Impressive glow-in-the-dark feature. 
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space. 


  • Pet hair or carpet fiber can clog the axle of the drive shaft. 



8.DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car

DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Racing Package

This ingeniously designed slot car track features multiple slots which serve two purposes – one, it prevents the cars from fly off the track. Two, it aids smooth lane switching capabilities – something a lot of similarly priced slot car tracks lack. 

The track is wide enough for playing with 4 cars at a time and with the remote control, you can steer, change the speed, pass and block other cars. There are 5 levels and all you have to do is pull the pressure-sensitive trigger on the remote every time you want to increase or decrease the speed. 

The ability to switch lanes and pass other cars totally sold me. Instead of just mindlessly navigating the car at top speed, it made me think about strategies to pass my opponents. 

Each car also implements a speed governor, allowing you to run at full speed only for about 25-30 seconds followed by an 8-second forced slow down. 

The speed governor does add a great deal of thrill to slot car racing if you are playing with 4 cars. That’s because even if at one point you’re ahead of your competitors, another car can surpass you during your 8-second pause.

But if only two cars are involved, things get kind of predictable and boring. On the bright side, you can always level up by expanding the track with additional pieces. As for assembling/disassembling the set, I didn’t face any issues at all. 

The instructions that came with it were pretty straightforward and I believe 5-6-year-old kids can put it together without any help. The overall experience is peachy except for one thing – the batteries. 

Each car requires 4 AA batteries and since you are not going to get enough of racing, you will be burning through dozens of batteries every month. The cost of the batteries can quickly add up. 


  • Lane switching, car passing, blocking abilities. 
  • Speed and navigation are super easy to control. 
  • Really fast at the highest speed. 
  • The cars don’t fly off the track at moderate speeds. 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. 
  • Decent light effect on the cars.


  • Consumes a lot of battery power. 



9.Little Tikes YouDrive Flex Tracks 

Little Tikes YouDrive Flex Tracks

If you are on the lookout for low-cost remote control car with track, Little Tikes would be a good option to look into. The flex tracks are made of plastic and won’t break easily. 

You can change the layout in as many ways as you want and move around with the set track from room to room without breaking anything. The set also includes bumper pieces that can be used as obstacles during the race. 

The car runs on both rechargeable and 4 regular AAA batteries. Given the high speed of the car, I’d suggest going for rechargeable batteries. This set includes only one car but you have the option to buy additional tracks, cars, and remote controls if you wish to level up. 

The main attraction of this model is its simplicity. Its remote control is essentially a motion-sensitive steering wheel. There’s a start and stop button on it and you steer the wheel to maneuver the car. It’s amazingly simple and guarantees hours of entertainment. 

Being a budget-friendly toy, it does come with some obvious shortcomings. It’s pretty basic. There are no bells and whistles and the build quality of the car isn’t worth writing home about. 


  • Comes with bumper pieces to add extra challenge.
  • Highly affordable.
  • The controller is super basic, therefore, easy to use.
  • Can be assembled in a jiffy.
  • The cars are compatible with both external and rechargeable batteries. 


  • Doesn’t have the special features of modern RC car tracks. 



10.Carrera Slot Car Racing Track Set

Carrera Slot Car Racing Track Set

Wrapping up my list of the best RC car tracks with this spectacularly designed track for American Muscle Cars. That being said, this track is compatible with all 1:43 slot cars. To make racing challenging enough for skilled players, the track comes with removable jump ramps. 

The cars are electrifyingly fast which makes them tricky to control and keep on track. Jumping on the ramp is even more difficult and takes some real skill. It took me a while to get a hang of it, but it was worth it. I believe kids ages 9 and up will be able to learn the ropes quickly if they stick at it. 

In my experience, you will get the most of their speed with a longer set. Thankfully, you can expand this set with any Carrera Go track set and I highly recommend doing so. 

There are lots of negative reviews about how the cars stop every few seconds on the track. I don’t think that’s essentially the product’s fault but a mere user error. As long as you assemble the track by carefully following the instructions that came with it, it’s smooth sailing. 

Bonus points to the manufacturer for making it easy to purchase replacement parts. Moreover, you can upgrade this battery-powered track to electric track by connecting Electric GO transformer directly to the battery unit. 

However, note that this is only possible when you expand the track with electric Carrera system. Otherwise, you will have to use 4D batteries for the cars which could last anywhere from 3 days to a week, depending on the usage. 


  • Challenging enough for skilled slot car racing enthusiasts. 
  • Easy to upgrade to an electrical track. 
  • Replacement parts are easy to find. 
  • The cars are unbelievably fast. 
  • Compatible with all 1:43 slot cars. 


  • Tricky to prevent the high-speed cars from flying off the track. 
  • Takes considerable skill to make the cars jump the bridge.


What to Look for When Buying RC Car Tracks? 

Having to choose the remote control racing car track out of so many legit options can take ages, especially if you don’t know what to exactly look for. To help you evaluate your options, here’s a little how-to on shopping for a slot car racing track- 

Build Quality

Will the track pieces hold up over time? Do the pieces connect tightly? How many slots are there? Does the curve allow the cars to switch lanes easily? These are some of the questions I asked myself before selecting the products for this roundup. 

Ease of Assembly

This strictly depends on the age and skill level of the user. If you are buying a slot car racing track for 3-5-year-old kids, perhaps go with a smaller set. Flex tracks let you change the track layout in infinite ways, making it a great toy for fueling creativity and developing STEM skills. While you are at it, also be sure that the track is easy to lug around the house when fully set up. 


Rechargeable RC cars will save you the cost of buying tons of regular batteries. However, most of these cars run out of charge within 15-25 minutes which is rarely enough. 

On the other hand, cars that use regular batteries burn through them real quick but you can play with them all day without worrying about charging them. The cost of batteries quickly adds up. 

So if you choose the latter, make sure to stock up on compatible batteries from time to time. You will probably need dozens of them every month. 


Although you may never need it, I personally would prefer to have the option to expand the track with more tracks and cars. Expanding the set and being able to race multiple cars at once is the beauty of slot car racing. 

If you are going to spend money on buying one, do check whether the track has multiple connection points for additional pieces. My personal favorite tracks are the ones that are compatible with Hot Wheels since I have a ginormous collection at home. 

To Conclude – Do We Have a Winner? 

I narrowed my list down to these 10 tracks after plowing through countless options. Hence, each of the models listed will be appealing to kids in their specific way. 

To find the best RC car track in your budget, factor in their expertise in RC car racing, how much space you can spare for the track, and of course, how much you’re willing to spend. 

Of course, there are plenty of other considerations but I’d use these three factors as a starting point and work my way from there. 

Rest assured, whichever model you choose, the recipient of the gift is going to be elated out of their mind. 

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