Best Lightsabers for Dueling 2023- (Duel Worthy Lightsaber)

This legendary weapon from the magnificent Star Wars series continues to take the world by storm to date. To find the best lightsaber for dueling, you need to ask yourself a few questions.


The first and most important question is – how much can you spend on it? From simple and affordable lightsabers to premium feature-packed SW replicas- the options are aplenty.

Also, what kind of dueling are we talking about here? Are you into competitive lightsaber dueling (which is a real sport, by the way), full-contact sparring, or light dueling with friends for fun?

Also factor in the heaviness of the blade, weight, and size to factor into while choosing a dueling lightsaber.

Still not sure how to pick a good lightsaber for dueling without overspending? Fret not. I will help you out. Below I have put together a list of the 10 best dueling lightsabers that are perfect for both collectors and serious duelists.

10 Best Lightsabers for Dueling  & Fighting 2023

1.KYBERS Metal Hilt Light Saber 

Oomyeh 2Pack FX Dueling Lightsaber
  • High strength acrylic blade that can stand up to more abuse and 15 color changes with 3 modes and handle shock when switching colors
  • 2-in-1 connectable FX Dueling Lightsabers that can be used as two separate ones or one longer double ended one
  • Type-C Charging with a full battery life of 3 hours or more and perfect cool gift for kids, teens and adults

Our quest for the most durable lightsabers for dueling begins with this heavy-duty, astonishingly designed model. Kitted out with 11 bright LEDs, Kybers is an ideal lightsaber for cosplaying as well as casual dueling.

The LEDs are 3 watts and they flash on clash. This means your lightsaber will glow every time it strikes another saber or hits an object, pretty amazing, huh? This is combined with 3 different clash sound fonts to jazz up the dueling contest.

The Force FX lightsaber also makes a whoosh sound when you swing around the saber, allowing you to flawlessly mimic your favorite SW combatant. Don’t want to startle your pet or wake up your roommate? Simply turn on the mute mode and duel in peace.

The blade is made of high-impact polycarbonate and is about 78 cm long. Therefore, I won’t recommend it for heavy dueling. On the bright side, the blade is removable.

So if you can find a longer and heavier blade that fits the diameter of the handle, you can transform it into a sparring-worthy weapon. Speaking of the handle, it’s made of good quality aluminum and can withstand heavy abuse like a champ.

Fancy getting Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber? You can easily link two Kybers sabers together to build Maul’s otherworldly weapon. The quality of the lightsaber is unbeatable for the price.

As long as you limit its applications to light dueling with your friends and siblings, you don’t see any dent or scratch any time soon.


  • Ideal for light dueling and cosplay.
  • Two sabers can be linked together to make Darth Maul’s saber. 
  • Removable blade can be replaced with a longer blade.
  • 11 LEDs that flash on clash.
  • 3 pre-loaded sound fonts and mute option.


  • Not suitable for heavy dueling or full-contact sparring.



2.YDD LED Light Up Saber


YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling
  • High quality aluminum alloy handle and removable poly carbonate blade for a total length of 95 cm
  • FX movie sound with one sound font plus mute, and long press to switch sound fonts
  • Lock-up function with click to turn on and long press to turn off, plus USB charging cord included in the package.

The second entry on our list of the best lightsabers for dueling is a well-known name among lightsaber collectors. YDD Force Fx lightsabers feature a 95 cm, moderately heavy, and thick polycarbonate blade.

The hilt might be lightweight but is still rugged enough for sparring and light-contact dueling. Don’t go full Darth Vader with it, though. The blade is removable for easy storage. 

The most noteworthy feature of the saber is the light effect. It’s super bright and by pressing the power button twice, you can activate the flash on clash mode.

There are plenty of color options to choose from, the blue one takes the cake for me. The Blaster sound effect is more realistic and louder than many of its costlier rival sabers.

Upon striking another saber, it makes hum and clashing sound and when you wield it around, you can hear that cool swinging noise. To sum up, I would say it’s a very thoughtfully designed, exceptionally priced lightsaber packed with some solid features. 


  • 95-inch removable thick polycarbonate blade, good enough for sparing.
  • Flash-on-clash light effect.
  • Humming, clashing, swinging, and blasting sound effects on contact.
  • One full charge lasts up to 2 hours.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • The flash-on-clash effect isn’t the default setting.



3. Saber Studio Heavy Dueling Lightsaber

No products found.

Saber Studio can be credited with manufacturing some of the best lightsabers you can fight with. Although not recommended for high-intensity combats, the lightsaber would be a good option for sparring and duel practice.

The metal hilt on the saber is noticeably hefty and has an authentic feel to it. It uses a ⅞†polycarbonate blade which can be removed and replaced with a longer blade if needed. You can also combine two Studio sabers to form a mean double-bladed saber. 

There are 12 true RGB LED lights on the blade and it cycles through the full spectrum when striking and clashing with other sabers. To amp up the œfeels, it has 6 very typical lightsaber sound effects along with a handy mute option.

The sound is both remarkably loud and realistic. You have three settings for the sound – the flash-on clash effect is the default setting.

Tap the sound button for that quintessential lightsaber blaster sound. Or, press and hold the button for a sec to play your chosen sounds in loop.

The battery in the saber packs quite a punch and one full charge can last up to 24 hours. In terms of looks, these cheap dueling lightsabers are pretty close to the super expensive original Star War lightsaber replicas.


  • The hilt has a hefty feel to it.
  • RGB LEDs changes color during action.
  • Hash flash-on-clash effect.
  • 6 pre-loaded sound fonts. Can be connected with another saber to form a dual-bladed saber.


  • For light contact dueling only, not suitable for heavy combat.



4. YDD RGB 16 Colors Lightsaber

YDDSABER Lightsaber RGB 16 Colors Changing Metal Aluminum Hilt
  • Authentic lightsaber with 3 sound fonts and silent mode plus flash on clash and blaster sounds.
  • Sturdy metal hilt and 78″ removable blade made of high-impact PC.
  • 16 color changing RGB version with USB charging cord

Another affordable yet durable offering from YDD, this lightsaber are very lightweight and therefore, would make a nice gift for kids. These sabers have quality impact sensors that activate the clash sound and flashing light effects when you swing it around or hit an object.

The saber light cycles through 16 colors and the illumination is quite impressive. It has 3 sound modes, including the iconic blaster sound when the saber hits another saber.

You can also up your dueling game by combining two YDD sabers to make a double-bladed saber. The “2 mm thick polycarbonate blade isn’t flimsy but it will chip off if you hit something too hard.

Use it for light dueling and it will last a long time. And if you are on the lookout for a saber for full-contact combat, you will have to loosen up your wallet a bit more and invest heavy-grade blade. 


  • Good for light dueling, will make a great gift for a kid.
  • Loud, punchy, and very realistic clashing sound.
  • Cycles through 16 colors and stunningly bright.
  • The hilt provides a good balance.
  • Lightweight.


  • No volume control.



5. Adawlert Duel Light Saber


Dueling Light Saber Metal Hilt RGB 12 Colors
  • High-impact metal aluminum hilt and 92CM long PC blade for heavy light saber dueling
  • 9 sound fonts, 3 volume settings, 12 color settings and real flash-on-clash and blaster sound for a vivid and real combat experience
  • Built-in large capacity battery and USB charging port

Available in three color options, the Adawlert has one of the brightest lightsabers in their collection. Unarguably the most standout feature on these sabers is the terrific attention to detail.

The hilt and the blade look strikingly similar to the ones in the movies. The same can be said for the FX sound effects and lights. You can change the lights by pressing and holding the light buttons on the hilt.

It can be set to one color or be made to cycle through the spectrum to create that trippy sci-fi action environment. There are 6 sound fonts and you can play them in loop.

This combat lightsaber uses outstanding motion-controlled sensors, so you don’t have to swing or hit too hard to activate the effects. The blade on this saber is 1 inch in diameter and 32′ in length, good enough to withstand heavy dueling. 

I also loved the grip and balance of the metal hilt on the saber. Moreover, you can also link two basic Adawlert sabers together to create Darth Maul’s iconic dual-blade saber.


  • It’s a real heavy lightsaber, great for full-contact dueling and sparring.
  • Looks astonishingly close to the real lightsabers of SW.
  • 1†wide, 32.3′ long heavy-grade blade.
  • 6 sound fonts and RGB lights.
  • High-quality impact sensors.
  • The aluminum hilt is hefty and provides a good grip.


  • Changing the lights and colors has a bit of a learning curve.



6. Saber Studio RGB Lightsaber

X-TREXSABER Motion Control Light Saber FX Dueling Light Sabers
  • Upgraded convenience operation gestures with 4 kinds of light effects, including Ghost / Stable / Unstable / Pulse.
  • Multiple functions, 10 sounds fonts, 12 colors and 3 sound levels adjustment, including mute.
  • High-performance 2000mAh rechargeable battery, high-strength shatter-proof polycarbonate blade

Arguably one of the biggest manufacturers of SW lightsaber replicas, the RGB lightsaber boasts a solid built quality and 6 ultra-realistic sound effects. 

Saber has implemented premium motion sensors along with a contact sensor. Together, they make the handle vibrate and emit loud blaster bolt deflect sounds when dueling. The lights are amazingly bright and quite visible in the daylight as well.

Its blades are 1 inch in diameter and sculpted from thick PVC material that holds up well to heavy beating. I can confidently recommend this saber to anyone who is into heavy dueling. 

Although massive impacts from full-contact dueling can leave scratch marks on the blade, it certainly won’t break anytime soon. The incredibly authentic design also makes it great for cosplays and collectors.


  • Has 1′ high-impact PVC blade, can survive full-contact dueling.
  • 6 sound fonts emitting loud and punchy saber sounds.
  • Hilt vibration and color-changing options.
  • Loud and realistic blaster deflect sound.
  • High-quality motion and contact sensors.


  • Takes a while to get a hang of the color and sound change settings.



7.X-TREXSABER Dueling Lightsaber

No products found.

The next saber to make it to my list of the best combat lightsabers comes with a gold polished hilt. It has a nice feel and grip to it which does come handy during intense battle situations.

To give you an upper hand in the duel, the saber features a 1.5 inch wide, 2 mm thick, 32.28 blades. As a bonus, you can link two sabers to create a double-bladed lightsaber to up your dueling game. 

The box also includes a small tool for unscrewing the bottom of the hilt to help you connect it to another saber easily. 

There are twelve 9w LEDs on it. The blade glows stunningly bright and cycles from white light to the spectrum of 12 colors. There’s also the much sought-after flash-on-clash effect. Thanks to its high-quality contact sensors, it doesn’t require you to hit too hard to activate the effects.

The sound effects are just as awesome. You will get 6 very distinct sound effects with it, including the electrifying blaster impact sound, and swinging sound.

There are even volume adjustment and mute options to let you practice in your condo room without bothering your neighbors. 


  • Has the flash-on-clash effect.
  • 1†wide blade is sturdy enough to withstand heavy combat.
  • Easy to change the colors and sounds.
  • Has volume control option.
  • Gold polished, well-balanced metal hilt.
  • Bright 9w LEDs and 12 color options.


  • The quality of the charging port could use some improvement. 
  • No smooth swing function.



8.CVCBSER Flash Smooth Swing FX Dueling Lightsaber 


CVCBSER Flash Smooth Swing FX Dueling Lightsaber with12 Colors
  • Comes with 15 different colors and 12 sound effects, and is made of premium aluminum alloy material.
  • Safety system and 5V1A charger to charge the Lightsaber to avoid battery damage.
  • 30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee and customer service for any questions or issues.

The next lightsaber on this roundup offers 9 sound effects to closely replicate the original lightsaber sounds from the movie. Apart from sword sound effects, it also plays a couple of well-known Star Wars music to take things up a notch.

There are 12 different colored lights with flash-on-clash effect for the “œfeels”. Each LED is 9w, meaning they glow visibly bright even in broad daylight. As far as the build quality is concerned, this saber is a banger for the price.

The blade is 44′ long and 1.2″ wide, strong enough for medium to full-contact dueling. I absolutely adore the smooth swing function of the blade. Its in-built motion sensors accurately detect the orientation and speed of the swing, changing the volume of the sound accordingly.

Dueling with this toy lightsaber feels eerily authentic. I would also advise wearing protective gear such as a face mask and chest pad when you and your opponent duel with these sabers. 

The balance of its aluminum hilt is remarkable. Despite the lack of a handle wrap, it’s easy to grip firmly, even with sweaty palms. Like all great combat lightsabers, this one too has the option to connect to another lightsaber and turn into a formidable double-blade saber.

Last but not the least, the battery on this saber is solid and long-lasting. One full charge will keep your saber powered for at least six hours.


  • 9 sound effects and also plays a few iconic Star Wars music.
  • 12 color options and flash-on-clash effect.
  • Quality motion sensors help to create stunning smooth function.
  • Aluminum hilt provides great balance and grip.
  • One full charge makes the battery last 5-6 hours.


  • Since there’s only one button, changing the sound and colors has a steep learning curve.



9.Passnag Lightsaber

Passnag Light Saber with 3 Mode Sound, Force Heavy Dueling
  • Realistic light and movie sound effects for immersive experience
  • Comfortable grip with metal aluminum hilt and removable, changeable blade
  • Fast charging with built-in rechargeable battery, and option to link two sabers for double-bladed experience like Darth Maul’s saber

Featuring a 1′ wide, 30.71′ long heavy-duty blade, this lightsaber holds up well to light to medium-intensity dueling. The handle on it is made of frosted aluminum alloy and is the perfect size for gripping with both hands. 

I loved the small detail work on the body of the handle, it has a very authentic feel to it. To keep the blade from falling off during the combat, the box includes two hex head screws which you can use to tighten down on the blade.

You can also connect two sabers by unscrewing the base of one of the sabers. 

The LEDs are true RGB color and super bright. The flash-on-clash effect is present and the premium contact sensors make sure you don’t have to strike too hard to make the blade glow. 

There are 3 sound fonts, which isn’t much compared to some other models featured on this list. Nonetheless, the sound clarity and volume are amazeballs, especially the blaster bolt deflection sound. The battery in the saber is of a pretty decent quality for the price. Even though the charging time is a bit long, it can last for a good couple of hours on a full charge. 


  • 1†blade, good for light contact dueling.
  • True RGB colors and loud blaster sound.
  • The metal hilt has a nice amount of heft to it.
  • Decent battery backup.
  • Can be linked with another saber to make a double-bladed lightsaber. 


  • Offers only 3 sound fonts.



10. ARTSABERS Metal Hilt Force FX Dueling Light Saber

ARTSABERS RBG 11 Colors 9 Sounds Metal Hilt Force FX Dueling Light Saber
  • 11 selectable RGB colors to match your path to the light or dark side
  • Flashing lights and interactive sounds for a realistic experience
  • Customizable hilt design for a single or double-bladed lightsaber

The last saber on this list of the best lightsabers for dueling is meticulously designed to look similar to the original SW sabers. Made for heavy dueling, fencing, and sparring, the thick Artsabers blades can take a good amount of beating.

Build quality and specs-wise, it won’t be a stretch to compare it with Ultrasabers. Artsabers are available in two colors and are packed with top-quality motion and contact sensors.

It emits 11 different colors and 9 sword fighting noises to approximate the thrilling sensation of real combat. You can also switch between three lighting effects – pulse, stable, and unstable to jazz up your lightsaber duel.

I personally find the sound of the saber whipping through the air and deflecting blaster bolts to be incredibly close to the movie sounds. The metal hilts are solidly built and you won’t have any problem holding them tightly with two hands. 


  • Great for heavy dueling.
  • Connects to another similar model to make a double-bladed saber. 
  • 11 light and 9 sound fonts. 
  • Excellent clashing, swinging, and blaster deflect sounds.
  • The hilt provides a firm grip.


  • More expensive than other lightsabers on this list. 



What to Look for When Buying a Lightsaber for Dueling? 

Finding the best lightsabers for fighting is no joke. We all are familiar with high-end VadersVault, SaberForge, and UltraSabers. My goal was to present you with cheaper but almost equally good options.

With 10 affordable and feature-packed lightsabers to choose from, settling for just one won’t be a cakewalk. I get it. So to help you make this tough decision faster, I’ve attached a handy guide below. Take a look 

Blade Quality and Dimension

For heavy combats, you need a blade made of heavy-grade PVC or thick polycarbonate. PVC ones are obviously more durable but expensive too. So it really boils down to your budget.

The length of the blade also matters in a duel. I would say any blade above 30 inches in length provides a nice balance between strength and speed.

Quality of Hilt

Slippery, lightweight hilts are no good for duels. The best lightsabers for dueling have pure aluminum hilts. But aluminum alloys are also a decent option for low to mid-range sabers. The metal has just the right amount of heft to it to ensure a great balance. While you are at it, also pay attention to the size of the hilt. Ideally, it should fit like gloves when you hold the saber with two hands.

Light and Sound Effects

The realistic light and sound effects are what really make lightsabers a crazy fad among fans. The quantity and quality of these effects will totally depend on how much you can spend.

If you have a moderate budget, I suggest you look for a model with at least 6 sound fonts including the smooth swing, sword clashing, and blaster sounds. 

As for the lights, even many entry-level sabers come with 12 color LEDs these days along with the flash-on-clash effect. 

Additional Premium Features

Many mid-high range lightsabers allow you to recreate Darth Maul’s epic double-bladed lightsaber by connecting two similar sabers.

Other premium features include motion-activated loud and sound effects to bring your sci-fi battle fantasy to life.

Dueling Lightsaber FAQ

  1. What is a lightsaber for dueling and how does it work? 

Ans. A lightsaber duel, also known as a lightsaber clash is simply a lightsaber combat where two opponents armed with sabers fight a duel. 

A lightsaber is basically a laser sword used by combatants like Jedi and Sith to defeat enemies by deflecting and reflecting blaster bolts. Lightsabers can also cut through almost anything.

Lightsaber duels are similar to sword fighting, only with a couple of special rules. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of lightsaber duels, you can check this guide out here.

  1. Can you duel with Force FX lightsabers?

Ans. Sadly, no. Force FX lightsabers aren’t meant for heavy dueling. However, you can safely engage in light contact dueling with these. Force FX lightsabers come with string blades. 

The LED lights sit inside the blade itself, meaning if you strike something heavy with it too hard, the lights will break. 

  1. How to clean and maintain lightsabers?

Ans. Keeping your beloved lightsaber in pristine condition isn’t that difficult. All you need is a non-abrasive cleaner and a washcloth to get the light off the blade and hilt. You can also use plain water and cloth to clean your saber. 

Bottom Line

Owning a lightsaber you can duel with is a dream come true for Star Wars fanatics, which also includes me. The scrolling effect, illuminated blades, awe-inspiring sound effect when two blades come in contact are worth splurging on. 

That being said, some dueling-grade lightsabers have sharp edges and claws that can hurt people. So unless you are a trained fencer or competitive lightsaber dueling, you should stick to lightsabers made for light dueling only. 

Last, whether it is for light sparring or heavy dueling, don’t forget to wear face, chest, and groin protection gear. That’s all for today. May the Force be with you as you search for the best lightsaber for dueling

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