Best Double Bike Trailers for Multiple Children- (2022 Guide)


Have two kids and need the coolest way to move around? Get a double bike trailer that will keep you riding the bike and those kids safe and comfy.

You wouldn’t have been here if it was that easy to buy a trailer. Do you need a trailer for just serving the purpose of carrying your kids? Or, do you need something that you can ride with for years and in different weather conditions & terrains?

The answer to these simple questions can help you find the best double bike trailers from this list. Based on our analysis, these 7 trailers are all that you need to pick one and start riding right away!

7 Kids Double Bike Trailers In 2022

1. Instep Bike Trailer 

Weight capacity: 80 lbs

Harness: 5-point

Instep Bike Trailer

The #1 in this list is the bike trailer from Instep! In Short, Instep is known for its affordable price and features that will get the job done. If you are one of those who need a bike trailer occasionally, probably once every week, then it’s perfect for you.

Instep is a large bike trailer and has one of most spacious sitting areas compared to other trailers whether expensive or not. The seat has a shoulder width of 25-in and height of 26-in. Being a budget-friendly trailer you will get a hammock-style seat that should be good enough for occasional use.

The trailer is limited to casual rides because it has 16-in wheels on it. You can reach a max speed of 10 mph, so you might as well stick to the local neighborhood and paved trails. In terms of longevity, the Instep might not be a winner, but sure it gives great value for the money.

This trailer will provide decent protection against sun and rain. If your child is riding with a helmet, the mesh layer on the back will be convenient and make sure the head stays inside. The adjustable height of the harness strap is one of the best features of Instep and should suit children of various sizes.


  • Wide and spacious sitting area is comfortable for accommodating two kids.
  • Mesh layer offers space when children are wearing helmets.
  • Height-adjustable harness straps.
  • Rear storage area for storing lightweight items.


  • Low-quality nylon cover diminishes durability.
  • The shoulder strap starts up too high for toddlers.



2. Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer

Weight capacity: 100 lbs

Harness: 5-point

Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller

Thule Chariot Cross is the only trailer you will ever need! Not only, it is the best double trailer, it’s the best in any category of bike trailers. Seriously, you can search all day, but you will end up with the Thule. The incredibly well-thought out design and build quality makes it second to none.

The Thule comes with an adjustable suspension making it super convenient to use in all terrains and in fact in all weather conditions courtesy its weatherproofing features. The rain cover and sunshade are nice and tight unlike the other models that look messy and saggy.

It can be converted to a stroller right from the go as it comes with a stroller conversion kit. What makes the trailer truly versatile is you can upgrade to jogger or skii just buying the conversion kits. Though inserting the wheels in stroller mode is hectic, it gives way to a clever wheel storage that might come handy.

As far as user-friendly features goes, Thule nailed it. The adjustable and assembly elements are mostly colored blue and makes it easier to switch to stroller or fold it. Even the bench-style has two-reclining features to give maximum comfort for the little ones.

The only thing that could hold you from purchasing this recliner is it’s higher end price range. There’s a sippy cup that’s difficult to reach, but that’s a minor component that can be ignored!

Note: Need an alternative to the Thule Cross? Check out the Hamax Outback Multisport!


  • Best quality components you will ever find on a bike trailer
  • Versatile as it can be converted to a stroller, jogger or skii.
  • Exceptional weatherproofing enables to ride in all seasons.
  • Reclining double seats with padding that’s unexpected in this line of products.
  • Equipped with adjustable suspension to ride on most terrains.


  • High price might not be suitable for occasional users.
  • The sippy cup pocket is not easy to reach.



3. Burley Encore X Bike Trailer 

Weight capacity: 100 lbs

Harness: 5-point

 Burley Encore X 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller

The Burley Encore X or more popularly known as Encore X is the best mid-range double seat bike trailer. It’s the budget-friendly version of the Thule Cross and perfect for those who want bench-style seats and suspension without spending a fortune.

There are other Burley options like the D’Lite X and Basic Bee. But based on our experience and analysis, Encore X performed better. But sure go ahead, you can compare them.

The bench seat design comes with cushioning that makes it easier to get in and out without putting pressure on the frame. The 21.5-in shoulder width should be enough for two children weighing less than 70 lbs, anything over that will feel squishy. Despite the higher weight limit, this is what you get.

The wheels being standard performs quite well on rough trails and the suspension will help make the ride smoother. It won’t eliminate bumps if that’s what you were thinking, but it certainly decreases them.

It is easily convertible to a stroller, jogger or a cargo trailer. What’s easier is folding it down to a compact shape and that could well be a deal maker for a lot of you out there.


  • Bench-style seat is easier to get in and out.
  • Diminished bumps as a result of the suspension.
  • Converts quickly to a stroller, jogger or cargo & Fast folding down.
  • Adjustable handlebar on stroller/jogger mode is suitable for tall & short parents.


  • The front wheels in stroller mode can wobble a bit.



4. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

Weight capacity: 100 lbs

Harness: 5-point

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

If you are ever going to get a trailer with 20-in wheels at the best price possible, the Allen Deluxe Steel is what you are looking at. It’s the best double bike trailer for casual biking families and the fact that it turns into a stroller is even more convenient.

With any budget trailer, you are more likely to get a hammock-style seat. These seats often lack support and are saggy. But the good news is the hammock seat on Allen is far better than any other bike trailer in the lower end of the price range.

Sure, you don’t get suspensions on this. But the 20-in wheels do make up for that to some extent. You can ride up to 15 mph on smooth terrains without having to think about slowing down.

Allen has a permanent rain cover that can be rolled up and down. There are few oval openings on the top of the trailer to allow air ventilation. That’s excellent. But for the same reason you shouldn’t go out on rainy days because those holes can give room to water to pour inside, period if you are riding a long time.

When you convert to a stroller, you will have the option to use a parking brake. For the price, it’s not a bad deal after all.


  • Sufficient air ventilation to have a comfortable ride on sunny and humid days.
  • Plenty of space for the helmet to recess.
  • Adjustable harness straps will suit children of various ages.
  • Large 20-in wheels enables you to gain more speed.


  • The front wheel on the stroller mode makes annoying noises.
  • The handlebar isn’t adjustable and not as comfortable as it’s thin.



5. Clevr Deluxe 3 in 1 Double Bike Trailer 

Weight capacity: 88 lbs

Harness: 5-point

Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer

If you are able to slightly up your budget, your next best option is the Clevr Deluxe. We wouldn’t say it’s better than the ones we reviewed earlier, but it has some interesting features that might change your decision.

The Clevr Deluxe features a quality suspension system with 20-in wheels. The difference between this and the Allen Deluxe is that you will be able to ride on bumpy and rough terrains with the top limit of 15 mph.

The sitting space inside might not be enough to make ways for two grown ups. However, a 4 year old can easily sit with a 12-15 months old. The raised seat gives room for the legs to relax without feeling cramped up.

On the plus side, you do have the option to convert the trailer to a stroller or jogger. In that case, you can attach the 12-in wheels which happen to pivot. But you can always lock it into place if you don’t want it to swivel. Some users have complained about the fact that it’s hard to turn and if your focus is the trailer, this shouldn’t be a big issue.


  • The universal bike hitch is easy to use and will keep the trailer upright if the bikes tips over.
  • 20-in wheels & suspension combo gives you more freedom to ride on multiple terrains.
  • Great protection against wind and sunlight.
  • Handle lock brake system is convenient when on stroller/jogger mode.


  • It’s quite hard to turn when you are using it as a stroller/jogger.
  • The handlebar isn’t the most heavy-duty.



6. Schwinn Echo Bike Trailer 

Weight capacity: 80 lbs

Harness: 5-point

Schwinn Echo Bike Trailer

The Schwinn Echo 2 seat bike trailer can be a great alternative to the Clevr or InStep. This low profile twin bike trailer is easier to tow and feels nimble to ride with it. Despite being compact, it has one of the largest cargo spaces making it a versatile all-around trailer.

The Schwinn Echo has loose front laps and window cover that keeps it well ventilated. This is great for sunny days, however, it can get quite cold during winter. So, you might want to avoid long rides when the temperature is low outside.

As with most 80 lbs trailers, you don’t have too much space to fit in two large kids. But if your kids are small, there should be enough space for two. One good thing is, you can configure the straps to fit in only one child comfortably. This is a genius design as far as we are concerned.

The Schwinn Echo performs better on rough terrains compared to Instep or Allen Deluxe even though it doesn’t have suspensions. The large wheels provide more support and traction which could be a deal maker on its own.


  • Compact trailer is easy to ride maneuver.
  • Excellent ventilation for comfort in humid days.
  • Larger wheels gives way to better riding on rough paths.
  • Configure the straps to the middle to ride solo with one child.
  • Large cargo space for storing items.


  • Doesn’t come with conversion kits that means you will need to spend extra later.
  • Not much suitable to ride in extreme cold weather.



7. Aosom Elite Bicycle Cargo Trailer 

Weight capacity: 57 lbs

Harness: 5-point

Aosom Elite 2-in-1 Three-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer

If anything is more budget-friendly after Instep is the Aosom Elite. That doesn’t mean it can replace Instep, however, it’s a good option and will help you make a decision whether to go for Instep, Allen Deluxe or this one!

The Aosom Elite lacks behind for the sole reason that it has a lower weight capacity compared to all the other trailers we reviewed. But it should be sufficient for two younger toddlers just at the one year mark.

You can convert this easily to a jogger in no time without any tools. And when you do the hand lock brake system will help you to keep it in place. The front wheel doesn’t swivel and for some parents this may or may not be a deal breaker. However, if you do need a swiveling front tire, you can check out the Aosom Elite II.

Some users complained that the trailer is hard to fold down. But the real fact is it really is easier than you think if you know how to do it properly. All the removable components are on a quick release system, so you just have to get apart the handlebar, cross and the front wheel.


  • Weather canopy helps to protect against the sun and rain.
  • Hand lock brake for additional safety.
  • Quick release system makes it easy to get the trailer apart for traveling or storage.
  • Converts to a jogger without any tools.


  • It’s not easy to turn when you are jogging or walking with it.
  • Prone to tipping over if the kids rock and thrust around a lot (not an issue of your kids just remain seated which the trailer intends to serve).



What to Look When Buying a Double Bike Trailer For Kids?

Buying a double bike trailer is a bit complicated. There are several factors that come into play. In short, you either choose an advanced/high end bike trailer, entry level bike trailers or budget-friendly ones. So, depending on your budget the choice of features will vary. More money means more features, convertibility and durability.

1. Seating Space and Dimensions

More money means more seating space? Not necessarily. Despite being budget friendly, Instep has the most spacious internal dimensions. Look for the height and width dimensions. It should be enough to fit two kids.

Keep in mind, most double bike trailers will accommodate one growing kid and another younger kid, despite the higher weight limit.

2. Type of Seating Arrangement

Bench types seats are the most comfortable and found on most higher end trailers. It has padding and has more leg room. These seats won’t sag and are much easier to pick your kids from.

Whereas, hammock style seats are common and found in some entry level and most budget friendly double trailers. These types of seats lack support and will sag in the middle.

3. Convertibility to Stroller, Jogger & Ski

If you have the budget, go for a double bike trailer that can be converted to a stroller, jogger and ski. That’s like everything in one. Some trailers with convertible features will come with stroller capability from the get go, You just need to invest later when you need other capabilities.

Other trailers will are only convertible to strollers or don’t have any convertible features at all. The convertibility factor will largely impact the price you pay for a double trailer.

4. Weight Capacity of the Trailer

For two kids to sit on a double bike trailer, the weight limit should be at least over 75 lbs. This doesn’t mean two grown up kids can sit on it. As said earlier, the dimensions also matter.

There is only one double bike trailer in our list that has a lower weight limit of 57 lbs. This will work with two kids who are at or below the 1 year age. But you want the trailer to be able to grow with your kid.

5. Wheels, Speed and Suspension

16” and 20” are popular choices of tires in double bike trailers. To say the least, 20” tires are the best and they offer smoother rides for both parents and children.

However, a larger tire will mean a higher price. The 16” tires are cheaper and come with plastic rims. So, you have the risk of cracks or warps at some point.

6. Storage Space

Storage space varies between bike trailers. So, if storage matters to you look for a trailer that can accommodate more. The Burley X can be a good choice for parents who want to carry more. However, this isn’t a significant factor buying a double bike trailer.

7. Foldability

The fact is most double bike carts can fold up. Some can fold away into a more compact shape, others not as compact. This could be a decisive factor if you wish to carry the trailer in your car.


Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

Our Editor’s Choice award should go to the trailer that offers maximum value for money and it should serve the purpose without losing too much money on bells and whistles!

It seems the Instep is the best double bike trailer that will work for most consumers. It’s nothing out of the blue, but it has everything to use a trailer occasionally when riding bikes. Having the most spacious seats out of the pack, two children of varied sizes can fit in without any cramping.

If you are here without any budget limitation, what others will tell you and so are we- get the Thule Chariot Cross! You won’t regret it if you are looking to ride on a regular basis and expect the trailer to take the beating.

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