10 Best Breast Pumps for Low Milk Supply 2023-(Definitive Guide)


Low milk supply is something a lot of new mothers deal with and while it may appear to be a big bummer, it’s really not. I mean, it’s 21st century and technology has really come far enough to effectively deal with such menacing roadblocks. 

Speaking of identifying the reason for your low milk supply, experts say it happens mostly due to improper latching and/or erratic, infrequent feeding. Mind you that your milk-producing ducts won’t make enough milk if the breasts are not emptied fully.

The rule of thumb is, the emptier your breasts are, the faster they will fill up. It all boils down to demand and supply. 

There are certain breast pumps designed to exert just the right amount of suction power which effectively speed up the letdown and expression volume. The question is, how to find one that gets the job done quickly and efficiently without making too much noise or drilling a hole in your pocket. 

The sheer amount of options can leave anyone spoilt for choice. That’s where I come to help. I have rounded up 10 best breast pumps for low milk supply that ticks all the boxes. 

Let me assure you that I’m as nit-picky as they come, paying extreme attention to details while curating this list. Being a mother of two preemies, I know a thing or two about the difficulties new mothers can possibly face. That’s why I have put my best effort to help you find exactly what you need. 

So here’s the deal: 

Images Product Name
Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump
Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump
Philips Avent Breast Pump
Dr. Brown's Customflow Breast Pump
Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0 Breast Pump
Ameda Mya Portable Breast Pump
BabyBuddha Breast Pump
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump
Luila Electric Breast Pump
Bellababy Breast Pumps

10 Best Breast Pumps For Low Milk Supply 2023

1.Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

Spectra S2 features a closed system pump with a backflow protector valve. Unlike regular pump systems, in a closed system pump, the backflow protector keeps the milk from seeping into the motor.

It also keeps the milk free from bacteria, viruses, and any other form of contamination by making sure the milk goes directly into the bottle without any backflow. Moreover, it expands the lifespan of the tubes and flanges as well by creating a protective barrier between these two parts. 

If you fail to find additional Spectra bottles or tubing, just try your existing Medela or Ameda parts with this pump. They fit the unit perfectly. 

S2 is as mechanically sound as it possibly can be but that alone can’t help increasing milk supply. To achieve that feat, Spectra comes with variable suction and speed controls in both Letdown and Expression mode. 

The unit constantly vibrates and perfectly mimics the suckling of a baby, paving way for multiple quick let-downs and increased expressed milk volume. Due to this reason alone, the pump can fully empty your breasts without causing even a slightest tinge of pain or discomfort. 

If you regularly express around 4-6 Oz., with Spectra, this can go up to 9 Oz. per session. Moreover, the motor is quiet as a cat. So you shouldn’t have to worry about pumping right beside your baby’s crib or in your office.

I also loved how easily you can switch between dual and single pump without needing any adapter. The machine has two holes for plugging two tubings. 

Just remove the plastic top from the second tube line when you need to dual pump. As simple as that. Also, both the 24 mm and 28 mm flanges come with silicone inserts to keep you as comfortable as you would be while nursing your baby. 

I just wish a pump this capable had a battery option for easy, fuss-free traveling with the kit. Another minor drawback is the plethora of settings it bombards you with. It has a learning curve. Don’t worry if it takes you a while to figure out the right suction strength and speed that suits your body.

Overall, it’s one of the best breast pumps to increase milk supply in both home and office settings. It’s not the cheapest option available but considering the stellar design and benefits it offers, I would say Spectra does full justice to its price tag.



2.Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Tote Electric Breast Pump

Leaving out Medela Pump in a list that solely deals with the best breast pumps for low milk supply would be an inexcusable mistake. This nifty little double electric breast pump comes with a full kit to fulfill all your possible pumping needs. 

The kit includes a battery pack (requires 8 AA batteries which are not included) 4 milk bottles, ice packs, and even a tote bag to help you stock up on milk on the go. It also includes one set of 24 mm flanges. If it’s not your size, you can easily find replacement Medela flanges of bigger or smaller size. 

It’s good that the motor isn’t attached to the bag. Therefore, you can use the bag for carrying other stuff as well, if needed. It has several pockets inside and on the sides for storing small things like cash and keys.

The pump itself is a work of art, integrating 2-Phase Expression technology to speed up your letdown and improve milk flow. You can fine-tune the pump speed/vacuum strength using the dial on the machine. This pump’s suction strength is exceptional, to say the least.  You probably won’t have to turn the dial even halfway to express more milk than you usually do in a shorter span. Moreover, the motor doesnâ’t make much of a noise while being at it, which is a huge plus when you are pumping in a public place.

I would like to point out that unlike Spectra S2, the dial doesn’t let you individually control the pump speed and suction power. While this won’t pose much of a problem, some users may need some time getting used to the high suction strength of Medela. 

Same goes for the let-down button. It might feel as gentle as a baby’s suckling to most women, but some might experience a slightly more clamping pressure than expected.



3.Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

This one right here is a simple, straightforward, no-fuss, non-nonsense pump that takes pumping comfort to the next level. Instead of typical plastic flanges, this pump comes with one set of massage cushions (25 mm) and one set of power cushions (27 mm). 

The massage cushion is lined with soft massaging petals that replicate the natural feeding style of a baby which naturally improves your milk flow. And when you need an extra dose of suction power to counter your low milk flow issue, opt for the power cushions. 

It offers three expression strength settings to match your personal comfort and rhythm. The closed pump design of the unit prevents backflow, making sure you can pump directly into the bottle even while sitting upright or leaning on the couch.

The bottom line being, your sitting position doesn’t affect the efficiency of the pump. Moreover, there are very few parts to deal with, hence, very few parts to clean up.

The kit includes everything you could possibly need to complete your sessions, including wide-neck, soft-nippled feeding bottles, best suited for newborns and preemies.

My only gripe is with the limited speed setting as there are only 3 speed options. Moreover, it doesn’t have a battery option and runs on AC power only which could pose a problem if you travel a lot.



4.Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump

Dr Browns Customflow Double Electric Breast PumpWhat you get from Dr. Brown’s breast pump is superior comfort and a customized pumping experience. It’s almost as good as some of the premium brands I reviewed and can make it easier for moms with low milk supply issues!

You have the option to adjust the frequency of suction and the amount of suction! What this does is gives you more control and you can easily find the setting that works for you best.

Apart from the pump itself, the silicone flanges could be a deal maker! It feels a lot more comfortable than the plastic versions used in other brands. You want such subtle features to be in a quality breast pump intended for low milk supply moms.

Compared to dial controls, the LCD display is a lot better to use. Dr Brown’s has a nice display that prevents you from accidentally changing the settings as it so often happens in dial pump versions.

I found the carrying a lot more functional and has enough space to store the tubing and the bottles. The only gripe I have is the controls aren’t easy to figure out from the go. You will need to go through the manual and get an idea.

As of now, the power option is just plug-in. However, the company is planning to provide a battery pack in the future, so you can use it on the go.


5.Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump

It’s always great to have a breast pump that you can connect to an app and track your pumping sessions seamlessly. The Lansinoh does a great job of putting everything within a budget affordable by most moms!

One of the most talked about features of this pump is its quiet operation. Even when you compare it to some of the other well known brands, it makes lesser noise. That means, you can pump at night without disturbing the baby.

What makes it the best electric pump for low milk supply is its multiple suction levels and expression modes. So, you can switch from letdown mode to expression mode and keep the milk flowing. The pump doesn’t have an outrageous suction power. So, if you are someone who loves gentle suction, this is for you!

It comes with two size flanges and I found them pretty comfortable. The silicon around the top might be the reason why they feel so good on the breasts. Additionally, they fit with most pumping bras. So, you won’t have to buy anything specific for using this pump.

If you are concerned whether you can pump directly to the storage bags, then Yes, you can. You won’t need any additional equipment. The Lansinoh isn’t an outrageous brand,  but it will get the job done!


6.Ameda Mya Portable Breast Pump

Ameda Mya Portable Hospital Strength Breast Pump with 24mm Flanges

Almost as compact as an iPod, quiet as a mouse, and a powerhouse when it comes to emptying the breast without making your nipples wincing with pain- Ameda pump is a complete package. 

If you are currently fighting with Mastitis or sore nipple issues while having to pump exclusively, Ameda Mya is perhaps your safest bet.

This small and lightweight unit harbors rechargeable batteries to eliminate the need of buying new ones or having to rely on electricity. It offers 15 adjustment options to let you customize each pumping session precisely to your liking. 

These 15 settings include 5 massage modes to help you achieve multiple let-downs in quick succession. 10 expression modes let you find your perfect suction strength that imitates the suckling of your baby. As long as you opt for the right setting, it will stimulate your breasts to boost your milk flow.

The kit includes 24 mm flanges but you can use larger or smaller flanges that came with your existing Ameda Finesse pump as well. Same goes for the tubing. 

If you want to buy additional bottles, make sure to buy really wide-neck bottles as it’s the only kind of bottle that will fit these pumps. Alternatively, you can also directly pump into Freemie cups. But sadly, Medela tubes, flanges, and bottles are not compatible with this pump.

Also, the battery life isn’t terrific but it’s not terrible either. Overall, it’s a highly reliable portable pump for exclusive pumpers who need the freedom to move freely or sit in a relaxing position while pumping. 



7.BabyBuddha Breast Pump

BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump

Speaking of lightweight and portable pumps that allow you to pump in just about any position without wasting a single drop of milk, how can I possibly leave out BabyBuddha. 

It is probably one of the strongest breast pumps I have ever come across. If it usually takes you 25 minutes to complete a session, expect the duration to be cut by half with BabyBuddha. 

And thanks to its unique suckling pattern, the tremendous vacuum strength doesn’t subject your breast to pain or discomfort. The pump comes with a lanyard so that you can just hang it around your neck and pump while doing office work or household chores. 

The flanges come with soft inserts to mimic the gentle suckling of a baby which naturally stimulates the breast to produce more milk and completely empty your breast after each session.

With a multitude of massage and expression speeds, you can easily fine-tune the pump to suit your body’s needs. Brownie points for the long battery life of the built-in rechargeable batteries. 

You will also appreciate the fact that the pump is easily hackable with parts (i.e flanges and tubings) from other brands such as Medela. 

My only minor issues are with the size of the flange (only 24 mm included in the kit) and the small size of the bottle. Instead of 5 Oz. bottles, I think most moms would prefer 8 Oz. bottles for storage. 

Also, it’s not the quietest pumps on the market. It’s not obnoxiously loud but isn’t whisper-quiet either, something to keep in mind if œdiscreteness is one of your top priorities.

If you do enjoy the convenience of using Baby Buddha, you can check out a full list hands-free pump reviewed in detail.



8.Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Milk Pump

Manual breast pumps are an amazingly efficient yet low-cost option for exclusive as well as non-exclusive pumpers dealing with low milk supply. If you have made up your mind about buying a manual pump, Haakaa deserves your attention.

Considering the cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and actionable design of the pump, it’s certainly one of the best manual breast pumps for low milk supply to get your hands on.

Using the pump is a pretty straightforward process. You make the mouth of the pump latch on to your nipples, apply desirable pressure by squeezing the base. Once the let-down is triggered, leave it as it is to do its thing.

The whole process becomes a lot easier if you are wearing a bra to hold the pump in place. While it doesn’t compare to a high-quality double electric pump, it does the trick if you want to catch the letdown from your inactive breast while feeding your baby from another.

Unlike electric pumps that come with a massive bunch of parts to clean, manual pumps like this usually have very few washable parts. Hence, it saves a lot of time and effort. The lip of the receptacle is made from soft silicone to ensure optimal comfort.

Having said that, Haakaa is not all-perfect. The measurements of the ounces on the receptacle are off by one full ounce. Secondly, you need to be extra careful so as not to tip it over or spill the collected milk while switching breasts.



9.Luila Double Electric Breast Pump

Luila double electric breast pump

Luila is a small portable pump that can give you similar performance to that of the Spectra, if not better! That’s the reason it’s made to this list of the best breast pumps for low milk supply.

The pump features 8 modes and 10 levels including massage, sucking and bionic mode. With all of these, you can customize your session perfectly. For a lot of moms who have trouble producing enough milk, a pump with more options can really help.

In my experience, this Luila pump’s battery lasts much longer than the Spectra. And the noise is seemingly lower than the Medela. While these are motivating, you also need to consider that the pump has issues of losing suction as it gets older and used often.

The flanges have a silicone lining that makes them comfortable on the breasts. However, you need to pump with the massage cushion. Without the massage cushion, your nipples might hurt.



10.Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Wrapping up my round-up of the best breast pumps for low milk supply with arguably the most capable dual pump from Bellababy. The closed pump system comes with a digital monitor to help you keep tabs on the expression mode, strength, expression duration, and battery status.

You get 4 modes and 9 vacuum strength settings with fiddle optimize the suction to your liking. Apart from 10 counts of storage bags, you also get 2 storage bag adapters, allowing you to pump directly into the bottle.

That’s the level of freedom and flexibility you need for pumping in a car, flight, or airport restroom. Plus, it’s rechargeable battery lasts for almost a day (say, for 3-4 pumping sessions) once fully charged.

My only complaints are with the loudness of the pump and the fact that the kit includes only one size of flange (24 mm). Also, some of you might find the suction a little too strong, so make sure to keep lanolin nipple cream handy before you start pumping.



Tips to Increase Milk Supply by Pumping

1- Increase Your Pumping Frequency

A simple, effective and proven way to increase milk is to pump more often. When your breasts remain full most of the time, your body signals the breasts to stop producing.

So, you need to provide the opposite signal which is that your breasts are empty.

You might try out cluster pumping. This technique involves pumping every 5 minutes to stimulate milk production.

If cluster pumping seems daunting, you can increase the number of sessions in a day. So, if you are pumping 6 times a day, make it 7 or 8.

Try to sneak in a few sessions at night or in the morning.

2- A Better Pump Can Make a Difference

The pump you are using can affect your milk supply. The pump should be a closed pump with lots of customizable options. Different mothers react to different kinds of suction. So, the more options and mode your pump has, the better the chance of finding your sweet spot.

I recommend getting one from our list of the best breast pumps for low milk supply. Based on my experience using a lot of pump brands in the last few years, I can say, most of these pumps will do the job.

3- Double Pumping Is the Way to Go

Double breast pumping is common these days! As most moms work and have a work-life balance to maintain, double pumping makes it easier to pump more milk.

The good thing is almost all of the top pump brands feature double electric breast pumps. If you can get your hands on a hands-free version, your life will become even easier.

Double-breast pumps could be the ultimate pump solution for twins as you will need even more milk in the same amount of time!

4- Find the Right Way to Pump

You might be new to pumping or have used a few brands earlier. But every pump has its own unique design and controls. It’s best to go through the manual or have a look at a few youtube videos from the manufacturer.

Sometimes improper pumping can result in low milk supply. It’s also essential to have the right size flanges. Anything big or small will make your nipples sore and hence less milk.

5.Pump When the Baby Is Near You

Keeping the baby near you can help you feel relaxed and produce more milk. You can keep her in your lap or beside you. Skin-to-skin contact is a proven way to increase milk and it can work for you too.

If you are away from home most of the time, try to think of your baby or look at some of her pictures. This can also give you similar output.

6- Place Warm and Moist Cloth on the Breasts

For those having trouble with let-down, you can use a warm and wet cloth on your breast right before pumping. This will help bring the flow of milk and can contribute to higher yields.

7- Consume Lactogenic and Galactagogues Foods

Based on consultation with your doctor, you can consume a few lactogenic and galactogogues foods. Here’s a few that you might like:

  • Barley
  • Fennel
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Alfalfa
  • Milk thistle
  • Fenugreek
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal

These foods are known to increase breast milk. They might not create any drastic changes, but even a 1% increase isn’t bad after all.

8- Start and Stop Pumping Technique

You can trick your breast to produce more milk. It works like this: pump for a good 5-7 minutes and then stop. Massage your breasts and then pump again. I found this simple technique very efficient and solved my issues altogether.

9- Shake and Massage Your Breasts Before Pumping

Modern pumps might simulate shaking and massaging, but it’s always best to still do them manually. Hold your breasts, give them a good shake and a few minutes of massage. This will help bring the milk in front of the breast and the letdown will become easier.

10- Pump Right After Nursing

If you are still doing it both ways- pumping and nursing, start pumping immediately after nursing. A lot of the time, your breasts will remain full even after the baby feeds. So, you need to make them empty to get more milk.

You can watch this video from Babylist to get a better idea!


Most FAQ From Low Milk Supply Moms

1.How much should I pump to increase milk supply?

You should pump at least 15 minutes for both the breasts in each session. And pump a few minutes more even after you feel empty. This will signal your body to produce more milk.

2.Will I get more milk with a hospital grade pump?

Yes, in some cases, hospital-grade pumps will help you get more milk. If you are suffering from low milk supply issues and an electric pump doesn’t seem to work, you can get a hospital-grade pump on rent.

3.How do I increase milk supply in one breast?

You can try the following techniques to increase milk supply on the breast that’s producing less milk:

  • Pump that particular breast a few minutes more than the other one.
  • Massage the breast more and do breast compressions.
  • Do an extra pumping session on the weaker breast.
  • Cluster-pumping on the single breast can also solve this.


4.How do I know when my breast is empty when pumping?

You will know your breasts are empty when your breasts feel flat and floppy, nothing is coming out even with hand expressing & milk has stopped flowing since 15 minutes.

5.My breasts feel empty! Has my milk supply decreased?

No. Your breasts will start to feel empty after the 6-12 weeks time and it doesn’t mean your milk supply has decreased. This means your body has now started regulating breast milk production and it’s completely normal.

6.How long does breast milk remain fresh/safe after warming?

Breast milk can last up to 2 hours after warming up. But there are many other factors involved here that you need to know.


So that was my take on the best breast pumps for low milk supply currently available in the market. One thing I constantly kept in mind while curating this list is the purpose of the pumps. I consciously prioritized quick but gentle expression with sufficient suction pressure while choosing the products.

You may find several other types of feature-rich, higher-end models while doing your own research but very few of them are capable of increasing milk flow without exerting unnecessary suction power on your nipples.

These 7 pumps have lived up to my standards and I hope at least one of them meets yours too. That’s all for today. Good luck and happy parenting.

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