10 Best Breast Pump for Twins 2023 (Fast & Reliable Pumping)


Here’s a story I want to share on the best breast pumps for twins!

Believe it or not, I tried at least 8-10 pumps when I had my twins a few years back.

I was just experimenting and it seemed every pump had to offer something different. So, I used one for exclusive pumping at home, one for travel purposes, one at work and another when I started nursing and pumping simultaneously.

Based on my experience, I feel Spectra S2 wins over all. It’s dedicated towards those who are exclusively pumping and it will drain out the milk completely before you go out to work. It’s an effective pump for moms with low milk supply as well. 

You need to train your body early to pump more milk as your twins get older and their capacity increases. Thus, pumping is the easiest way to get started.

I reviewed 10 breast pumps that will meet your needs, whether you need high suction, comfortable suction or something more portable. Most importantly, all of the pumps have double pumping capability to gain milk faster and in larger volume.

Here they are!

10 Best Breast Pumps For Twins 2023

1.Spectra Baby USA- S2 Plus Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra S2 is the best breast pump for moms with twins, especially for those of you who are pumping exclusively. It pulls in deep and drains your breasts completely, which is a feat only a few pumps in the market could achieve.

It’s a hospital grade pump with a closed system that prevents milk backflow and keeps the system hygienic. All parts and containers are made from BPA and DEHP-free materials.

It has a two phase cycling with let-down and expression modes. You can customize the setting of the suction depending on your needs. The best part is it remembers your last setting, so you can start off right away from your previous pumping session.

As a working mom, I needed to extract milk as much as possible before I went to work. The Spectra works a bit slow, but it will drain all of the milk. This will help you keep sane and know that there is enough milk for your baby.

The S2 is portable by design but it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery to run anywhere. If you want to pump on the go and don’t know exactly where you will be pumping, go for Spectra S1. Though it’s a bit expensive, it has a battery option.

One thing I loved was the auto turn off function after 30 minutes. This gave me a resting time in between pumping even if I forgot. The display screen will let you know the status of your pumping session and time.

As for flaws, there is none for the device itself. The spectra flanges are not perfect for hands-free pumping. However, with a specialized spectra bra, you can achieve a lot more.


  • Pulls in a lot and drains milk completely.
  • Customized pumping session with memory feature that remembers last setting.
  • Shuts off automatically after 30 minutes for resting.
  • Quiet operation and portable design.


  • Flanges are not designed for hands-free pumping (need specialized pumping bras).
  • Can’t buy individual parts from spectra, only full kits are available.



2.Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Backpack

Most moms agree with the fact that Medela Pump in style or the Spectra are the best breast pumps for twins in today’s market! Medela is more portable as it has a recharging option and it’s perfect for moms who nurse and pump simultaneously.

The whole pump set comes assembled in a compact bag. So, your pumping remains discreet. It has lots of designated pockets for holding bottles and cooler bags. It really helps to access things quickly when you are in a rush.

It works with two phase technology for let-down and expression. Switching between the two modes is easy and works with just a touch of a button. You can customize the suction in the expression mode but you can’t control the speed and suction individually.

The Medela Pump in style has a relatively weaker suck than the Spectra but it pumps the milk faster. When I was doing both nursing and pumping, I felt Medela gave me more comfort and the nipples were less sore. Yes, it won’t drain the milk as efficiently as Spectra but if you are not exclusively pumping, it will work for you.


  • Breast pump is assembled in a bag that carries and organizes everything.
  • Completely portable design with recharging capability.
  • A relatively weaker such is friendly to the nipples.
  • Shift from let-down to expression mode with just a touch of a button.


  • There’s no way to take the pump out of the bag for cleaning.
  • You can customize the speed and suction together (only speed).



3.Hermano Double Electric Breast Pump

Hermano Electric Double Breast Pump

The Kinyo Breast Pump from Hermano is not as popular as the Medela or the Spectra. But it’s as effective as the Spectra with the option to run on batteries. I really loved the natural sucking rhythm of the pump and it should work for most moms!

It’s a closed system pump that will keep the milk clean and safe to use. Both the massage and suction modes are adjustable. Suction mode has 9 levels and 3 on the massage mode. The best part is you can use it either as a single pump or a double pump.

I think the experience with Kinyo is comparable to the Spectra S2. The plus side is the abundance of suction modes. Different breasts react to pumps in a different way. This model should suit most moms irrespective of the suction they need.

The large LCD screen helps you to see the current mode, suction level and other status in the dark. And don’t worry about the noise. It’s relatively quiet and won’t wake your baby up at night.

One problem I found was you need to bend a little bit to ensure that milk doesn’t spill. The flanges could have been made in a way to cover more of the breast.


  • Lots of suction levels to suit individual mother’s need.
  • Switch to battery mode when you can’t find outlets.
  • Usable as both single or double pump.
  • LCD display provides session status.


  • You need to bed a little bit to have the milk flowing into the bottles. Otherwise, you can lose some milk.



4.Elvie Double Wearable Breast Pump

Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump with App

Meet the best wearable breast pump for twins, The Elvie Pump! For some mothers, it works as good as the Medela with similar and sometimes more output. It has an app feature that allows you to monitor everything in real-time.

Look at the pump! It’s so tiny and lightweight. If you are Sahm and want to have more freedom as you do your chores, Elvie is perfect for you. Just wear it inside a nursing bra and you don’t have to worry anymore.

You can control the intensity in both expression and stimulation mode. The cool thing is it automatically switches from stimulation to expression mode when the let-down happens.

The app will let you know the current milk volume and also allow you control the session remotely. Just remember, it is mandatory to have the pumps connected to the app. Otherwise, the pumps will shut off after sometime.

I could find only 5 parts of the pump for cleaning. So, your cleaning time and hassle greatly reduces. Sometimes, the app can show inaccurate results and that’s the only flaw I encountered.


  • Hands-free and portable pumping offers more freedom.
  • Shifts into expression mode automatically when it detects let-down.
  • Customize the intensity for both stimulation and expression modes.
  • Fewer parts makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Shuts off when bottles become full.


  • The app might sometimes show inaccurate results.



5.Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Though the Medela Pump in style is more superior to the Freestyle, it’s nonetheless a great alternative and more portable option.

The freestyle is built into the bag that comes with it. So, you can pump discreetly at work or other crowded places. You can also take it outside and use it with only a battery. The bag itself is lightweight and can effectively hold all parts of the pump.

I personally loved the letdown setting on this pump. Additionally, you can change the suction levels as you need. If you opt to operate on battery, you won’t gain high suction like the Medela pump in style. But on electricity, this one has great suction. The device remembers your last setting and will start off from your last session.

It does a good job pumping both breasts or just a single one at a time. The battery will last almost half a day and that’s good enough for twin moms who forget to charge often.


  • Use as a single or double pump.
  • Discreet design as everything is built into the bag.
  • Highly portable with rechargeable battery and lightweight design.
  • Remembers your last pumping session setting.


  • The spare parts of the pump aren’t cheap and need to be replaced after every 2-3 months.



6.Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

Probably the closest alternative to the Spectra S2 is the Philips Avent. But it’s a lot more comfortable on the nipples with efficient milk pumping. Some moms swear by their Avent pump and highly appreciate its functionalities.

It has both stimulation and expression mode. You can choose between three settings- low, medium and high. This function didn’t work out quite well for me as I needed something in between the medium and high setting. But I can see the advantage of not having to go through lots of suction levels.

It’s the best breast pump for twins in terms of comfort for two reasons. Firstly, the massage cushions are soft and have comfort petals that are easy on the breasts. I felt, this design alone stimulated more milk flow. Secondly, you can pump without leaning forward and the milk won’t spill a bit.

Though the device itself is small, it’s not truly portable because of the unavailability of a rechargeable battery. I loved the feeding bottle that came as it has a breast-shaped nipple that made my little ones drink more.


  • Gain comfort with no lean forward design and soft massage cushions.
  • Designed with just a few parts that make cleaning easier.
  • Silicon tubes are bendable, so you can pump flexibly.
  • The carry bag is insulated and will keep milk fresh.


  • Only three speed setting limits customized pumping.



7.Smibie Dual Motor Double Electric Breast Pump

Smibie Dual Motor Double Electric Breast Pump

You may not have heard much about Smibie but from my experience, I think it’s one of the best breast pumps for twins you can find. It has a quiet operation and lots of suction settings for customized pumping.

There are as many as 18 suction levels on this unit. The best part is you can leave it on the auto mode and the pump will automatically shift between modes periodically. Just make sure to adjust the suction at the last level to prevent nipple strain. If you turn it back on, it will remember the last setting of your session.

The massage cushions are soft and have textured petals just like the Philips Avent. I used the pump for a month or two and I never felt pain at all. The flanges are good enough for women with A-D Cups. But if you have larger breasts, it would be hard to fit in them. It will work for most women, period.

It’s an extremely effective pump once you figure out the settings. The official directions are not helpful. I guess youtube will do that for you.


  • Full automatic mode can do all the mode shifts for you.
  • Lots of suction levels provides flexibility for most moms.
  • Extremely quiet with just 35 dB noise.
  • Soft massage cushion with petal texture is comfortable on the skin.
  • Use it as plugged-in or on battery.


  • Might take some time to figure out the settings.
  • Lots of pieces to work with and makes cleaning tedious.



8.Bellababy Pocket Double Electric Breast Pump

Bellababy Pocket Double Electric Breast Pump

If you have used the Bellababy original before, you will love the new and improved Bellababy pocket. It’s a lot more user-friendly and has a battery that will last the entire day even if you are exclusively pumping for your twins.

The device is completely portable and if you can find a suitable pumping bra, you can use it as a hands-free pump also. It comes with 24 mm flanges. The good thing is you can use flanges from other brands if it doesn’t fit you.

You can customize the suction setting on both stimulation and expression mode. The up and down button is really convenient to change suction when you need it. The device will auto-start off in stimulation mode and then you have to make the transition to expression mode manually.

Along with the device, you will get storage bags and bottle changers. All in all, there’s not much to complain. The only issue you will probably face is the suction level buttons can get easily pressed with very little pressure.


  • Easy to adjust suction levels with up and down buttons.
  • Portable design and suitable for hands-free pumping.
  • Good battery backup with a full-day operation.
  • Flanges from other brands are compatible.


  • The suction level buttons are prone to getting pressed.



9.BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

If you are pumping exclusively, you will love the Bellema breast pump! It has 10 suction levels and the mid settings will be enough to drain all the milk. Despite that, the experience is fairly comfortable with less strain on the nipples.

The pump has stimulation and expression modes and it feels more like how your baby sucks. The suction power is enough to gain 7-8 ounces of milk per session. The memory function will help you get started from where you left.

The LED display screen is even more helpful. It will show the current suction level and the time spent pumping. Most moms praised the time tracker function as they could time their session without having to keep an eye on their smartphone or watch.

It’s a portable device built with rechargeable capabilities. You also get a tote bag to carry everything including a cooler bag and four refrigerator packs. With all the good things, there comes few flaws. In this case, there is only one, the suction power doesn’t stay the same after a few months.


  • Great suction initially that will drain the milk completely.
  • The LED touch screen shows time and status.
  • The silicon padding is soft and easy on the skin.
  • Maintains same suction level on dual pumping.


  • The suction power might decrease as you use the device over a period.


10.Ameda MYA Portable Breast Pump

Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Breast Pump

Ameda Mya is comparable to the Spectra S2 we reviewed earlier. Though it doesn’t have a high suction like the Spectra, it surely does a great job. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry in any diaper bag.

You can customize both the expression mode and Massage mode. On expression mode, there are 10 levels and on massage mode, there are 5 levels. It doesn’t vibrate like the Spectra but some moms prefer this and feel more comfortable in this way.

Due to its size, you can use it as hands-free with a pumping bra. The battery is good enough to last 4 sessions and you can even use the outlet when needed.

While everything is on the positive side, I found two flaws but certainly not a deal-breaker. The LED light is overly bright and can be disturbing sometimes. You might need to cover it with a cloth. It does make a louder noise compared to some of the other pumps. But with white noise running, it shouldn’t be too much audible.


  • Doesn’t have the annoying vibration (some mothers love it this way).
  • Customize your pumping session with different suction levels.
  • Finding spare parts is easy as all parts from Spectra will fit with Ameda Mya.
  • Good battery back up.


  • LED light is a bit bright for night time.
  • The noise feels louder especially during the night.



Top Factors to Consider When Buying Breast Pumps for Twins

When it comes to pumping for twins, there are only 5 factors that are most essential.

1. Definitely Double Electric Pump Is the Way to Go

We have left out all the single breast pumps from this list. Why? Because you need to pump more milk for two babies at the same time. Double electric pumps have become so popular that even moms of single babies are also using them. You can even choose to use it as a single pump if one of your nipples are sore.

2. Modes and Functionalities

Breast pumps generally come with two modes: Expression and letdown (also known as massage mode). The letdown mode will help to get the milk out by mimicking the sucking of a baby and then the expression mode will pump the milk.

Look for a pump that will let you shift from letdown to expression easily. Some pumps can automatically shift to expression mode or letdown depending on the flow of your milk which you will find on Smibie and and Elvie pumps.

3. Speed and Suction

Now speed and suction are two different things. Speed means how fast your pump is pumping and suction is the intensity of the pumping. Most pumps will let you customize the speed and suction up to various levels. Some have less and some have more levels. With more settings, you can have more control over your pumping session. The Smibie pump has 18 suction levels.

It’s also important to consider whether you can adjust the suction and speed on both expression and letdown modes. In the Medela pump, you cannot control the suction and speed on the massage mode. But apart from that just about any other pump in the list can do this.

4. Exclusive Pumping or Nursing & Pumping Simultaneously

For exclusive pumping almost all of the pumps we reviewed will work for you. However, when you are nursing and pumping simultaneously, your nipples can become sore quickly. So, you will need to look for a pump that is less intense like the Medela pump. Whereas, when you have a low milk supply condition, pumps like the Spectra Baby S2 will be more appropriate as it offers deeper suction.

5. Hands-Free Pumping Capability

You might even consider a hands-free pump to bring in more freedom into your life. With a twin you are likely to spend more time pumping. So, a hands-free pump will allow you to pump and work on other stuff at the same time. The Elvie pump could be the best you can buy and it has an app that sends you reports on your milk volume and also let you control the functions.

Final Words

If you buy a pump and if you feel it doesn’t work for you, don’t feel disheartened. Every mother has a different body and it won’t respond to every pump the same way. This list of the best breast pumps for twins covers almost all kinds of pumps that have been proven to be effective. I’m sure they will work for most moms!

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