5 Best Bassinet for Preemies in 2023 – (Delicate & Safe Sleeping)


Premature birth is always a matter of concern for parents! The baby needs delicate care and love. The first of which starts from the place he sleeps.

We know you don’t want the little one to be alone but his body needs time to strengthen up. To save the hassle, we got you the best bassinets for preemies.

These are standalone beds that will keep your baby safe and cozy throughout this period. Some of the models we reviewed are versatile and are usable in different forms even when your baby grows.

Here’s what you were looking for!

Top 5 Safe Bassinet for Preemies 2023

1. Delta Children Rocking Bedside Bassinet

Delta Children Rocking Bedside Bassinet

Delta Children is a reliable baby product brand and so is their bassinet. Its portable functionalities and gentle rocking motion is just what you need for your newborn. 

The unit comes with all the things you need- mattress pad, sheet and the beautiful skirt wrap. Plus, it has a canopy that can be folded completely when it’s day time.

It keeps the baby entertained for most of the time with rocking side to side motion, vibration and calming music. For night-time feeds, you can turn on the built-in night light. This saves you some bucks from buying an additional night light.

Many bassinets require assembling exactly inside the room where it will be placed. With Delta Children, the size is small enough to fit through standard doors. You can carry it anywhere you like with the help of the locking wheels.

Like all the other models in the list, this one has a large basket underneath to store all the baby essentials. Helps a lot as you won’t have to run elsewhere to find those items. 

Keep in mind, the nightlight and other electronic features run through batteries. And you will need quite a lot of them. Despite that, If you want the best bassinet for preemies that will give the highest value in reasonable price, this is the one to get.



2. Elegance Round Wooden Baby Bassinet

Elegance Round Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding

The Elegance Bassinet is on a different level altogether. Instead of the traditional oval shape, it’s got a round design. Not only does it look adorable, it allows your baby to have more space for movement.

The Canopy and the basket cover fabric gives this model a beautiful look. Talking about canopy, you can adjust it in two positions or take it out completely if you don’t need it. The basket underneath is great for storing kid stuff.

The best thing is every piece of bedding material is machine washable in this bassinet including the skirt, sheet, canopy and the foam pad. This gives you more time to focus on your baby, rather than spend hours hand cleaning.

It might not have lots of bells and whistles like some of the other models, but it gets the job done! For convenience of carrying caster wheels are attached.

The shape of the bassinet might not be suitable for fitting through standard doors. We recommend assembling it inside your baby’s nursery. Other than that, it’s sturdy enough to last until your baby outgrows it.



3. Delta Children Smooth Glide Bedside Bassinet

Delta Children Smooth Glide Bedside Bassinet

This Delta Children Bassinet is a baby calmer! That’s true, the electronic mobile arm with music and lights keeps babies interested and can help to minimize colic to some extent.

It has a neutral color that will blend into any sort of decor. During day time, you can pull down the canopy for shade or remove it completely if it’s not necessary at all.

The sheet and mattress pads are all machine washable. That’s a relief. However, you might need a second mattress pad as the current one isn’t that thick. Works for most babies as far as user reviews are concerned.

The storage basket on this one is large to fit in diapers, baby food and other stuff all in one place. If you want to keep your baby closer while you work, you can carry it with you using the smooth rolling caster wheels.

Most parents loved how their child reacted to the small lights on the mobile arm. It sure needs batteries, but well worth purchasing.



4. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

In terms of versatility, Graco Dream Suite is the best bassinet for your preemie! Just flip it over and it becomes a baby-changing table! The design will save money from buying a standalone changing table and make the bassinet usable longer.

It has locking wheels which makes carrying easier and keep the unit securely in place. When it’s sunny outsides, make use of the canopy. The two soft hanging toys and two-speed vibration features are great for baby’s entertainment.

We found this bassinet to be a lot more breathable as it has mesh fabric on the sides. The mattress pad and cover are all machine washable. If you are a busy mom. That definitely helps.

The Graco Dream Suite is tailor-made for parents living in small apartments. The reversible changing table feature is the reason why many parents choose this over other models in the market.



5. Badger Basket Portable Bassinet

Badger Basket Portable Rocking Baby Bassinet

Most bassinets become useless after the baby outgrows it, unless you have a new baby coming. This one from Badger Basket is simply the best bassinet for preemies because you can convert it to a toy box and use it for years to come.

Not only that. The bassinet is completely detachable from the base. This allows you to use the top as a portable bed on travel. The unit comes with additional parts that can be used to complete the toy box assembly later.

We loved the classic design of the bassinet. It will adjust quite well to any decor. It even has an adjustable canopy for shade. To make life easier, all the fabric used here is machine washable.

When you compare it to other expensive models in the market, this is a gem of a product. The only thing to complain is the assembling instructions are not clear, but that won’t stop you from getting this amazing bassinet.



FAQ On Preemies Bassinet

1. Is vibration in bassinet safe for premature babies?

Yes, the vibrations in bassinets are safe for babies. The gentle and soothing motion mimics the rocking motion of parents handling their babies. As a result, your baby will sleep better.

2. Where should a baby sleep after outgrowing the bassinet?

Most parents opt for larger cribs for their babies when they outgrow bassinets. Cribs have more space for movement and guardrails for safety.

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3. Can a baby suffocate in a bassinet?

Bassinets with mesh sides are the safest for babies and most models comply with this. Don’t put in soft toys and unwrapped blankets over them and that should be okay.

4. Why are Bassinet mattresses thin? Is it a quality issue?

No, it’s not a quality issue. Bassinet mattresses are purposely kept thin to avoid squishing the baby’s head against the mattress and undergo suffocation. You can always add a softer one, but don’t make it super thick and soft.

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

To sum it up, Delta Children is the best bassinet for preemies! When you have a newborn that is delicate at home, you need the most comfortable bedding available. 

This model is not only cozy, it’s also packed with entertainment features. The vibration added with music and rocking motion is a real deal to have in such a price range. It fits through almost all doors and has wheels to carry conveniently.

However, there are models in this list that can give you the best bang for your buck. Just remember the included mattress pad might not always be enough for your baby. So, you might need to spend extra on them. As these bassinets aren’t super expensive, that’s totally considerable.

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