Best Balance Bike For 2 Years Old Kids- (2020 Reviews)


At the age of 2, introducing your kids to the world of enticing turning wheels might be a good idea. And this can be done using a balance bike. With this, they can develop their coordination and boost their confidence before they get to ride a pedal bike.

Not only that, having the best balance bike for a 2 year old is always a fun option, especially when your child doesn’t like walking but still wants to come with you during outdoor exercise.

With all the options available on sale, it may become hard for you to choose one. In the first place, not all bikes fit all, and each of them varies according to features like weight, tire type, size, and brakes, just to name a few. To help you with this, we have prepared a review of 5 products from different brands.

So let’s get started!

5 Best Balance Bike For 2 Year Old 2020

If you have never purchased a balanced bike for your children before and you don’t have the slightest idea about the things to look for, then you have come to the right place. So, here is a careful and thorough review of some of the best balance bikes for 2-year-old kids. Let’s get into it!

1.Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

Strider - 12 Classic Balance Bike


The 12 Classic is one of the traditional entry-level balance bikes from Strider. Remarkably, it integrates the basic aspects and features of the top-notch Strider 12 Sport but with an affordable and budget-friendly price.

This balance bike is equipped with no-flat tires, making it ready to be a ride that can be enjoyed by your little kid. Its simplicity and durability make it ideal for children to learn to ride as easily as it gets, even if it is their first time.

Also, it is undeniably great for skill-building because of its amazing features such as the adjustable handlebar height, adjustable seat, built-in footrests, and the plastic weatherproof seat.

On top of that, it is known to grow with your children. The seat and handlebar height can be extended, allowing it to accommodate kids ages 18 months up to 3 years old. You can utilize it for a long time for sure.

Watch in awe as your child learns cycling in no time! Therefore, it’s no wonder why parents agree that it is the best budget balance bike for 2 years old.


  • Steel handlebar with soft urethane grips and protective ends.
  • Wheels are lightweight and durable, offering a smooth ride.
  • Comes with a unique frame-integrated footrest.
  • Equipped with pull lever brakes.


  • Has exposed bolts that can scratch your child’s legs.



2.Banana LT Balance Bike

Banana LT Balance Bike

If you are looking for the perfect first lightweight balance bike for your little kid, then this is the one for you. With its simple and candy-colored frames, it is appealing to most children for sure. It is available in three colors, namely pink, baby blue, and vibrant green.

Also, it is lightweight, making it easy for children to ride and convenient for parents to carry around. It features an adjustable seat and a very unique banana design allowing it to get low to the ground, so it is possible for kids as young as 18 months to ride it.

The handlebars are safe enough for your child since it is equipped with a full metal headset that holds it in place. It ensures that it can offer great strength and performance. Much more, the wheels are made from puncture-proof EVA foam, so there’s no need to inflate the tires before every use.

With all of these features, you might want to assemble it as early as now!


  • Fun colors.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Safe and sturdy handlebars.
  • Lightweight.


  • Limited seat height adjustment.



3.Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike

Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike

This Bicycoo balance bike is well-designed and sturdy enough, as well as ideal for children 18 months and above. Its frame is made from aluminum, making it strong but lightweight. With this, your kid will be able to control the bike with ease, unlike any other bikes.

Also, the tires are pneumatic (air-filled) and are much wider, thereby providing it with a solid foundation. Although EVA plastic tires are cheaper, they easily and quickly wear out compared to the rubber tires used in this balance bike. Its quality of suspension will surely offer your kid a much smoother ride.

On top of that, it features a working hand brake on the rear tire. Having this enables your kid to learn how real gear functions from the beginning. This will also save your child’s shoes from wearing out because of using them as brakes.

Overall, it works as a real bike, making it a great balance bike. Watch your children have fun while learning with this best balance bike for two year old!


  • Has an adjustable seat.
  • Offers a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Best looking and realistic.
  • Equipped with pneumatic tires.


  • Location of brakes may be too far for kids with tiny hands.



4.Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

The Retrospec Cub Kids balance bike is made and designed for children having their first ride ever. It is a great beginner bike for 20 months up to 5 years of age. On top of that, it meets all the CPSC/CPSIA CFR 16:1512 standards for the safety of your children while riding it.

It is equipped with a low-down tube and a very child-friendly frame, making it easy for your little kid to get on and off the bike. Also, made from high-tensile strength steel, it is very durable and can therefore, last long enough.

Much more, it is intuitively designed to grow with your children. Its handlebar and the seat tube is adjustable so it can keep up with your kid growing so fast. This balance bike requires very little assembly and basically no maintenance at all.

You’ll be in awe by the time you watch them get on the bike with no fear and develop their self-confidence and balance – making them ready to ride a big kid bike.


  • Standard compliant for the safety of your child.
  • Air-free tires.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Maintenance-free.


  • Heavy.



5.Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1 Toddler Balance Bike

Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1 Toddler Balance Bike and Tricycle

This balance bike is uniquely constructed and designed to help your children learn balance and coordination at their own pace in the most enjoyable way.

On top of it all, you will be allowed to choose between two modes: 3-wheel and a 2-wheel. You can make a switch in a matter of seconds without the need for any special tools. Also, the seat varies as you switch modes (3-wheel mode: 22 cm / 2-wheel mode: 25 cm).


Its wheels are made from non-marking synthetic and silent anti-skid rubber, thus great in riding indoors and outdoors. Also, this is made from high-quality ABS material, making it lightweight and easy to carry around.

The handlebars have a cute bunny ears style and come with vibrant color. With this, it appears to be more appealing to children of 1 to 3 years of age with a maximum weight of 55 lbs.

Let your children enjoy this balance bike with great features while developing their skills.


  • Rubber tires.
  • Can switch between 2- and 3-wheel modes.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with hidden storage in the seat.


  • Steering can be stiff.
  • Seat is not adjustable.



Final Verdict

Teaching your children to ride a bicycle is one of the joys about parenthood. But you just can’t let them ride on any bike, and you certainly need a balance bike. With all the options out there, it may be tough for you to choose one. Our list has given you the best products on the market, and one has definitely stood out.

The Joovy  Bicycoo is one of our favorites. It feels and looks like an adult bike, given that it has brakes and cables that are internally installed. These are just a few features that ensure safety and durability.

Much more, it is sure to give your child a smoother ride at a very reasonable mid-range price. Without a doubt, this balance bike is crafted with more exciting and useful qualities.

Now that you have garnered all this information, you will be able to pick the best balance bike for your 2 year old. Get yours now, and have fun with your kids!

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