7 Best 4 Wheelers & ATV for 10 Year Old Kids (2023 Guide)


ATVs are fun, exciting and sometimes dangerous. Your 10 year old might love watching his seniors riding on one of them. But should you get him one?

Well, definitely. ATVs come in various sizes and power that can match up with the skill level of your kid. If he has a little bit of experience riding an electric scooter or something of that sort, it will become a lot easier.

We reviewed the best ATVs for 10 year old kids, keeping in mind appropriate size, speed and safety systems. You don’t want to buy a mini model that your kid will outgrow in a year. Most of these models are 110 CC and will be enough for keeping your kids playing over 13 years of age.

That’s a one-time investment for more than 3-4 years of service. Here are the models that will make your money worth it!

Best Four Wheelers & Atv for 10 Year Old 2023

1.X-PRO 110cc ATV

Speed limit: 25 MPH

Power Source: Gas

Fuel tank capacity: 0.61 gallon

 X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads

The X-Pro 110 cc is built for kids in the 10-12 years range. It has the look and feel of an adult ATV that makes it more appealing to kids at this age. It’s packed with a couple of useful safety features and tires that offer great traction on different terrains.

One of things that make X-Pro suitable for newbie users is its automatic transmission. So, the shifting becomes a lot easier without having to use a hand-operated clutch. You might debate on whether there should have been a reverse gear. But, we really don’t think that’s something mandatory.

The 14.5×7-6 tires are not the widest, but good enough for sufficient ground clearance. The tires hold up quite well against a variety of terrains. Good thing is there’s a disc brake on the rear wheels that should give enough control over riding.

The electric start is nothing in this category of 4 wheelers in present times. But it’s important to know that this function really makes a rider’s life easier and provides convenience in certain events.

As for parents, the throttle range can be adjusted to limit the speed. And when you think it’s time to call the day off, just use the remorse engine kill feature. This 4 wheeler needs a bit of assembling but that’s not the issue. The front wheels are a little hard to put on and can be annoying if you are doing this on your own.


2.Razor Dirt Quad 500 DLX

Speed limit: 9-15 mph

Power Source: Battery

Run time: 68 minutes (4 hours charging time)

Razor Dirt Quad 500 DLX Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

Razor makes some of the best ATVs for 10-year-olds and for any age range. The design is stylish, cool and appealing to all kids. If you want to keep your kids safe and at the same time don’t want to compromise on the speed, this is the model to get.

Razor uses electrical charge to run utilizing a 500-watt motor capable of producing close to 15 mph max and 9 mph on an average. It’s powerful enough to drive on mud and different kinds of terrains.

It’s got rear suspension only but the pneumatic tires do a good job of limiting bumps and keeping the child safe. The adjustable handlebars mean this will grow with your child.

Operating this ATV is quite easy and it’s great for first-time kids. The only thing that could have been better was the throttle. It’s a little small but that’s not a big deal. Installing this vehicle will take you just a few minutes. Attach the handlebar and it’s ready to drive.



3.TAO TAO 110cc ATV

Speed Limit: 34 mph

Power Source: Gas

Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.4 L

TAO TAO 110cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers ATV

When you are talking about ATVs, you simply can’t leave out TAO TAO. This 110 CC gas-driven ATV will make your kids enjoy speed and it’s still safe enough for most 10 year olds with a little bit of experience.

If you are worried about your child speeding up, you can always use the throttle governor to set a speed limit. Even so it has enough power to climb up the hills.

The good news is it’s a CARB approved vehicle making it usable in almost all states in the U.S. The frame and the footrest are both wide enough for stability and comfort. You might as well check your kids height to match the height of the seat-footrest height, which is 14.5-inch.

The ATV is completely automatic and features a foot and hand brake. Kids at this age will have no issues learning to drive. This model doesn’t have a reverse gear, so you need to watch whether they get stuck somewhere.On the plus side, the headlights make it easy to ride at night. It comes 85% assembled, you just need to put together the handlebar, tires and the battery. Recommended!


4.SmartDealsNow Powersports Kids ATV

Speed Limit: 30 mph

Power Source: Gas

Powersports is a great budget ATV that will keep your kids entertained. It’s a 110 CC monster with full automatic operation. Most children learn it faster than expected.

It can accomodate 150-180 pounds and the big kids can also have a go at it. If you are concerned about speed, use the speed governor and keep it as low as 5 mph.

The height from the seat and footrest is enough to use this vehicle for more years to come. 80% of the stuff comes assembled and that makes life easier as your assembling time is greatly reduced.

Oh! And if you want to use it in California, go ahead. It’s CARB approved.




Speed Limit: 43.5 mph

Power Source: Gas

Fuel tank capacity: 2.4 L

If you want a more aggressive design, TAO TAO TForce for you. What good is its wide frame setting which leaves ample room for growth and your child can even use it past 13 years of age.

Though a speed limit is a bit high on this one, you can always keep it as low as 5 mph using the speed governor. When it’s time to call the playoff, just tap on the kill switch and it will come to halt in seconds.

The Seat is nicely padded and is spacious enough for comfortable riding. On top of that, it has suspensions to absorb bumps on any terrain. The result is decreased chance of falling or tipping over.

We loved the footrest on this model. It’s wide and has a non-slip surface. The ground clearance is 5.5, which is great for kids to go up and down safely. The more your kid rides a TAO TAO, the more he will fall in love with it.



6.Coolster 110 cc ATV

Speed Limit: 35 mph

Power Source: Gas

Fuel Capacity: 2.4 L
Here’s the #1 reason you should buy the Coolster ATV— it offers maximum control over riding using the suspension and hydraulic system. In a kid’s vehicle that’s something of a luxury but not this time.

This 110cc vehicle can withstand rough terrains as it’s solidly built and can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. Even big kids and adults can ride on it with no issues. Additionally electric start makes it more kid-friendly.

The manufacturer does most of the job leaving with only 5% assembling work. If you are a busy parent, you will definitely love it. What’s holding you back? Get it today!



7.TaoTao ATA-125D Kids Gas Utility ATV

Speed limit: 25 MPH

Power Source: Gas

Fuel tank capacity: Unspecified

TaoTao Brand New ATA-125D Kids Gas Utility ATV

You bet that most kids young or old will love this Tao Tao ATV. It’s got an impressive outlook and will encourage your kid to go down the adventure route. This gas-powered 4 wheeler offers awesome performance that can surprise you quite a lot.

This ATV has bigger tires than average and offers ground clearance (3.55-in), which makes riding a lot more comfortable on bumpy terrains. Besides having automatic transmission, it can also go reverse. For some parents, this feature can make a difference! If that’s you, go for it.

It has the capability to go as high as 25 MPH. But for 10-year-old kids, it can be too much. In that case, you have the option to set the speed limit as low as 5 MPH. And..when things go out of control, just use the engine kill switch!

The Tao Tao is equipped with headlights and tail lights. If your kid does ride it indoors or outdoors after sunset, he should be able to navigate without an issue. Assembly wouldn’t be much of an issue as it comes 70% assembled! Overall, recommended!



What to Look for When Buying an ATV for a 10 year Old Kid?

1. Electric vs. Gas Powered

Whether to go for a gas or electric ATV model is totally dependent on your preference. The electric ATVs are easier to use and make sense for totally new riders with no prior experience with any sort of riding. The downside is the battery has a limit and will die within 45-50 minutes.

With Gas ATVs, there’s no limit in riding time and comes in various speed limits. A newbie rider might have a hard time learning such types of ATV. However, the extra effort is worth it.

2. Top speed

A year old should be exposed to no more than 10-15 MPH. A lower CC bike might sound more appealing and safer to you. But as your child will grow older, you will need to upgrade the ATV and will cost you more in the long run.

Instead, we recommend starting with a higher CC ATV that will offer a speed limit of 25-40 MPH. Just make sure it has a speed governor function. In this way, you can set the speed as low as 5 MPH and slowly increase it as your child becomes more experienced.

3. Safety Features

The best kids atv will often come with the following safety features:

Quality tires that can perform well on most terrains. Wider tires are more appreciated as they will increase the ground clearance and make bumps a lot more comfortable.

  • Headlights and sometimes tail to help ride indoors and during dim light conditions.
  • Padding on handlebars to reduce fatigue.
  • Remote kill switch to stop riding when things starts to go out of control.

4. Outlook

The style and look of the ATV might become a deciding factor sometimes. Kids love ATVs that resemble adult ATVs or a particular theme. So, you might as well have your kid to see the ATV before purchasing.

5. Braking and suspension

Disc brakes are always preferable in any motorized vehicle. Even if you don’t find disc brakes on both rear and front wheels, a single disc brake combined would be good enough.

Check out the suspension system of the ATV. It should be able to provide ample support and make riding comfortable.

Final Words

Buying an ATV isn’t that difficult. It sure costs a little more than your regular kid toys but the end result of fun and happiness pays off.

When choosing a model, it’s important to look at some of the safety features. You don’t want your kid to drive off with it and lose control. The best ATVs for ten-year-old kids we reviewed have kill switches that will stop it whenever you think it’s enough for the day.

So what’s the model you loved best? Let us know!!


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