Are Space Heaters Safe in Baby’s Room – Risky But When Not!

A space heater in a baby’s room is never completely safe. There are always different risk factors related to both their health and environment. It can cause dehydration, dry skin, burn, and even SIDs. Plus it can cause fire accidents. Every year almost 25000 fire accidents and 300 deaths are caused because of using space heaters. 


However, you can’t avoid using it. So it’s better to maintain different safety precautions. 

Still confused about the detailed thing? No worries. Are space heaters safe in baby’s room or not is explained with more info in this article. Just scroll down to get them.

Why Do You Need a Space Heater For a Baby’s Room?

Before we get into the main segment it’s important to learn: does our baby’s room actually need a space heater? 

It’s an important question. Not always does a doctor recommend a space heater for your kid’s room. But in certain conditions, it is recommended to use and it is really helpful. BelowI’ll discuss some legit reasons for using it.

  • If your house doesn’t get enough sunlight then a space heater will help you to fill up the lack.
  • In case your house is in an area where most of the season is cold you should use a space heater.
  • If your baby’s room is colder/freezing compared to the other rooms, it is necessary to have it.

These are some certain reasons for you to use a space heater in a baby’s house. 

Several Risk Factors of Having Space Heaters in Baby’s Room

We’ve already mentioned that space heaters are not always safe. But there are some certain reasons. To let you be aware of the fact I’ve gathered a few risk factors. I’ve separated them into 2 parts. Let’s learn about them.

3 Health Risk Factors

First, let’s cover the regular health factors.

Dry Skin

A space heater will reduce moisturizer from the baby’s skin. As a result, there is more possibility of skin being itchy, flaky, and uncomfortable. 

Dry Nasal Passages 

Space heater can reduce moisture and make the air dry. So, there are possibilities of facing dry nasal passages and related problems. Such as irritation, nosebleeds, etc. 

Dehydration & Excessive Sweating

Because of using a space heater, your baby can lose fluid. As a consequence, they will become dehydrated and feel extreme thrust. This might not seem too dangerous. But in the long term, it is highly dangerous for the babies. 

2 Serious Risk Factors

Now let’s learn about the general risk factors.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death)

The worst thing that can happen is sudden infant death. Though there is no such complaint, a space heater can increase the temperature to an unbearable level (For infants). 

So it is better to keep the temperature under monetization. Do you know what temp should a babies room be in winter?? 

The temperature of a baby’s room should be between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius or 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. 

Unexpected Fire

This risk is not always obvious. If you place the space heater near any flammable flammable materials ex; cotton, synthetic fabric, linen) there are possibilities to face any fire accident. 

What’s the Safest Way to Use a Space Heater in Your Baby’s Room?

As we know sometimes it is really necessary to use a space heater. In that case, I would obviously suggest using a space heater. But there is a catch. You must take precautions when using it. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Keep the space heater away from your kid’s reach.
  • Every now and then check the temperature of the room. You can use a reliable room thermometer to check it.
  • Don’t put the heater around flammable objects.
  • A mounted space heater is a better choice for toddlers and walking kids.
  • You can keep any of the windows open while running the heater. 
  • Never keep the temperature setting too high.

Recommended Space Heater for Different Stages of Babies

This segment is for different user persona. Have a check and learn what is the safest heater for a baby’s room.

Stages Feature Recommended Product 
Infants or newborns  Something that can maintain the temperature as fast as possible, PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater
It should be able to hold the temperature for a certain period. 
Babies who can Crawl/Walk A heater that can be mounted to the wall Econo Space heater
Toddlers Oil heaters and radiators should be better Tangkula Oil Filled Radiator Heater
A mounted heater is a better choice Econo Space heater

How Do I Know If a Baby is Overheating at Night?

There are certain symptoms that can help you to realize that your baby is overheating. Have a look.

  • Appearing red skin.
  • Touch them and feel if you’re too warm.
  • Sometimes babies vomit
  • Keep sweating, especially the neck.
  • They will be breathing faster
  • Appearances of heat rash.
  • Touch their hair. It’ll feel damp

Final Words

That covers the topic is space heater safe in child’s room. To summarize it, No they are not safe but as necessary you should use it following certain criteria. They are also given in this article. I hope you’ll have no more confusion now. 

Happy Parenting.

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