7 Advice For The First Time Mothers – You Must Know

Advice For First Time Mothers

First of all, Congratulation on your new phase of life!

A shop of full red roses wishes from me on your new journey of motherhood. I know, being a newbie mother your joys no know bounds! I know the feelings, because, when I became a mother for the first time I found myself the most happiest woman in the world.

However, you are now a new phase of life transformation. A mother of a new baby, who is a brand new on this planet. Now you are the person who has to take all the responsibility of bringing up your baby. But putting your health subject apart, you can not do this effectively.

From my personal experience, I can say after giving a birth a woman gets busy with her child nursing forgetting her own health care. As a result, nothing accomplish snugly. That’s why, I share my deep research and hard through experience in this post. Here are 7 advice for the rookie mothers for a healthy and sounds life ahead.

7 Pro Ways To Stay Healthy For Newbie Mother

Motherhood is not just giving birth and upbringing of a child anyway. You must do it snugly and effectively. To do this in right way you must have to be healthy first. If you get sick or weak then who else can take care of your baby like you, am i right ? So, be concern of your health so that you can care of your baby in great manner.

1. Find Out The Napping Time:

Though finding out a bit of free time with newborn baby is hard but you should find time for napping yourself. Remember one word, rest, rest, and rest. It could be at noon, after lunch, or anytime you could manage. After delivery, you will find yourself a weak woman so taking enough rest is very important for your healthy life.

2. Be Concern of Your Back:

A magnificent concentration should light on your lower back. During pregnancy, your hormone stretches your ligament to help out the delivery and it continuous almost five months after the delivery. Again, breastfeeding a newborn baby with the wrong posture can be very dangerous for your back pain. Almost, 80% of new mother face back pain due to the wrong breastfeeding technique.

You should more concern about this otherwise you might have to carry it for a long time. Talk to your health care provider about your back and follow what you must do to avoid back pain during breastfeeding.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Help:

Staying healthy is must compulsory for newbie mom. You might be in pressure cooker situation with your new baby; in this case, asking for help from your friend, relative even neighbor without a bit of hesitation is not a subject of ashamed. Remember, your baby’s and your health is the first priority always. You may need help while you are working out, napping or doing other household chores.

4. Plan Out Your Daily Routine:

It would be best if you make a routine in your daily activities. This is because; you are transformed into a new phase of life so memorizing all the new things could be a bit of difficult for you. Write down a short note and stick it to the wall, desk, or wherever your eyes on. Set your daily exercise time, your and your baby’s feeding time, napping time and so on. It will work as accountability and responsibly of yourself towards your little angel.

5. Make Your Own Diet Plan:

Making a diet plan is the first condition of staying healthy for new mamas. During pregnancy and delivery, a mom lost a heavy amount of energy. So, to gain this energy mamas must need to have nutritious foods all the way. Nutritious foods refer to foods that are filled with a high amount of protein, vitamin A, B, C, D, mineral, iron, fiber and so on. Junk foods must avoid as well as caffeine and coffee.

6. Boost Your Immune System:

Be sure your all vaccination is up to date. Do not leave any vaccine during pregnancy and after delivery. Talk with a health professional about your vaccination routine. Be positive and happy mind all the way. Talk with experienced mamas about your new findings and solution. Join in parent’s forum or groups on social media for a useful and fun conversation with the same road travelers. It will help to boost up your immune system.

7. Share Your Experience With Others:

There is a proverb that, sharing sorrow lessen the pain and sharing good news double up the happiness. You may be found yourself alone during pregnancy and after delivery. Share your this experience with known or unknown friends, family members even on social media platforms.

Final Words:

Do what you need to do. You might be going through a massive day, doing a lot of works for you as well as your baby. However, don’t waste your time on cleaning mess house, kitchen room or garden rather put your energy somewhere else. Keep in mind there is no perfect mom in this world.

So, do not claim yourself guilty if a day was too massive. Forgive yourself for the massive day and prepare for the new day. Always prioritize you and your baby’s health first whatever the world goes to. Days and nights will come and go with their natural way. Just remember, your baby is your world.

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